7 Anti-Aging Foods And Fruits You Must Eat


How about combating aging? Here are the foods that can help you
Certain powerful foods increase, protect, and reward us with a longer and healthier life, internally and externally.

Here are the 7 greatest foods with powerful anti-aging properties that can help improve our health and appearance, also increasing our longevity.

These foods should be added to your arsenal of daily health promotion tools, so you stay healthy for many, many years regardless of how old you are.

1. Green leaves and Cruciferous vegetablesfoods

We always listen to natural health experts and nutritionists advising green leaves – and rightly so.

These vegetables are packed with nutrients and contain folic acid, calcium, and other substances that support bone health, protect against cognitive decay and prevent age-related eye problems.

Most significantly, these green vegetables have powerful anticancer properties.

Diets rich in cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli also help reduce the risk of memory loss.

Cruciferae and green leaves like cabbage, chard, escarole, beetroot, and spinach make delicious additions to all kinds of dishes, including fried foods, salads, soups, and stews.

Green leaves and cruciferous foods are packed with nutrients that fight aging.

2. Apricotsapricot

This peach-like fruit may look fragile, but it’s a potent punch in anti-aging.

Apricot has a bright orange exterior due to carotenoids, which is powerful antioxidants that help prevent heart diseases, reduces bad cholesterol levels and protect against cancer.

Our bodies convert the carotenoid into vitamin A, which contributes to healthy eyes, skin, hair, glands, and gums.

Years of research have proven that apricots have the highest levels and the widest variety of carotenoids than any other food. They are also excellent in regenerating body fluids, detoxifying the body and killing thirst.

3. Berriesgoji-berries

Scientists have discovered that berries contain the highest amount of antioxidant than any other fruit. Cabbage and spinach are the only vegetables with values ​​as high as fresh berries.

Fresh fruits are also filled with color pigments and phytochemicals called anthocyanins that have been associated with lower risk of cancer, urinary health, memory and healthy aging.

Berries are excellent sources of quercetin, a flavonol that works as an antioxidant, protecting against cancer and heart disease and an anticancer. The anti-inflammatory properties of berries are thought to slow down the loss of mental function that is often associated with aging.

A report by researchers found that blueberries may even help decrease cognitive impairment of Alzheimer’s disease.

It does not stop there. Berries, or simply fleshy fruits, are present in strawberry, blackberry, raspberry, gooseberry,  and cranberry.

4. Olive Oilolive-oil

Italians are well known for their long lifespan and ability to age appropriately, and this should come as no surprise considering that olive oil has a significant presence in its Mediterranean diet.

Olive oil is packed with the best health-forming fats available in the form of omega-3 fatty acids.

These necessary fats not only help keep you lean and healthy, reducing inflammation but also lower cholesterol and improve skin circulation and digestion.

All these factors lead to a healthier body and a longer life.

5. Tomatoesraw tomato benefits

Eating tomatoes can help protect your skin. According to a German study, volunteers ate a daily dose of tomato paste mixed with extra virgin olive oil or just olive oil for 10 weeks.

After daily exposure to UV light, the tomato-eating group had 40% fewer burns than those who consumed only olive oil.

The magic ingredient in tomatoes is lycopene, which protects the skin against oxidation that results from sun damage that leads to wrinkles. Drizzling the tomatoes with a little healthy olive oil helps to better absorb the lycopene.

6. Raw Almondsalmonds

Almonds are packed with vitamin E that is hard to come by, and only a small handful delivers half your daily dose. Raw almonds are the healthiest form, which delivers greater nutritional content in a pure, unprocessed form.

When medical school researchers sought the impact of different vitamins and minerals on speed, coordination, and balance in 65-year-olds, the only difference was vitamin E.

Volunteers with the lowest physical performance had the lowest levels of vitamin E, considering that the more agile participants had adequate amounts of vitamin in their system.

This powerful vitamin keeps us coordinated by neutralizing the free radicals in our muscles and nervous system.

7. Avocadoavocado

Avocados overflow the highest quality omega-3, it is one of the most alkalizing foods available.

Avocados are also very rich in vitamin E, which is essential for a shiny skin, shiny hair and keep wrinkles away from your face.

Make a raw avocado salad or cover some fresh avocado with lemon and sea salt for a nutritious snack.

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