Aromatherapy Essential Oils For Depression & Anxiety


Aromatherapy is a pleasant and useful method of treating depression. Even Thomas Aquinas recommended, with a spleen (along with a dream) contemplate the passions of the Lord (that is, look from the outside, from oneself to great suffering) and take baths.essential oils

Aromatic essential oils through the skin penetrate the blood and then spread out throughout the body, and through the membranes and the base of the nose – into the brain and directly affect the mood, as it reaches the brain departments responsible for emotions. There is a huge amount of oils or their compositions that can be used to reduce depression. We list the main of them: anise, orange, basil, bergamot, oregano, spruce, jasmine, cedar, coriander, lavender, lemon, mandarin, Melissa, peppermint, rose, rosemary, sage.
Oil compositions of your choice and their properties

Sage oil perfectly stimulates and balances the nervous system, eliminates insomnia, weakness, and depression greatly improves memory. Increases mental and physical performance, activating the activity of the brain. Relieves nervous tension, it helps well with neuroses.depression

Ylang-ylang oil has a positive effect on the nervous system, relaxes, eliminating anxiety and tension, anger and fear. Effective in depressive states, fatigue, anxiety, insomnia. Patchouli oil has a beneficial effect on the nervous system. It calms, calms and creates an atmosphere of love, while clarifying the mind. The noble warm scent of patchouli drives away negative emotions, encourages creativity, lightness of thought, sets the romantic mood. Helps cope with any situation that requires analysis and intuition. Has a stimulating erotic effect.

1.Melissa Lemon Oil (Citronella): Has a pronounced effect on the psychoemotional sphere of a person. It calms well, removes depression and melancholy, normalizes sleep, improves memory. Effectively oil to increase mental and physical performance.

2.The Geranium oil, acting on the nervous system, eliminates anxiety and depression, raises the mood. Stimulates the neuropsychological activity: increases efficiency, attention. The aroma of geranium calms children well, making them less moody and aggressive. Eliminates the complex of inferiority and dependence on someone else’s opinion.

3.Basil Oil: Perhaps, one of the best means, tonic the nervous system. It raises the mood, clarifies the mind, strengthens and restores nerves, relieves fatigue, anxiety, depression, headache, restores the objectivity of self-esteem, eliminates complexes.

4.Lavender Oil: This oil is recommended (baths, aromalamp) in emotional disorders such as depression, insomnia, nervousness, stress. Baths with lavender oil are also recommended to women during the entire period of pregnancy and menopause for the elimination of hormonal disorders, promotes self-knowledge, meditation, rapid recovery of forces. Provides full energy relaxation. Reduces aggression, helps to recover from envy.

5.Rosemary Oil: It strengthens memory, helps to concentrate, effectively with mental fatigue, encourages action and an active lifestyle, helps strengthen the nervous system. It increases the mental capabilities of the person, gives clarity of mind, stability against strong emotions and fluctuations in moods, stresses, eliminates excessive shyness, suspiciousness, uncertainty in their abilities.

6.Oil of Thyme: It possesses a tonic property, promotes the increase of efficiency and concentration of attention, gives courage, strengthens thirst of activity, helps to overcome shyness. Develops such spiritual aspects as compassion, empathy.

7.Lemon Oil: Its an oil that has conflicting properties – for some it is a tonic, for others – a relaxant.

There are many ways to use essential oils – you can inhale their smell, spray in the room, use for massage, but the most common and effective are the aroma lamp and aroma.

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