Ayurvedic Medicine for Immunity Finally By Pitanjali Ayurved


A good news has come up from Indian Ayurveda. Pitanjali which is an prominent Ayurvedic Company has claimed that it has made medicine to effectively boost immunity of people which could help in the fight against any type of pandemic. This is good news for everyone who prefer Ayurveda due to it being natural and without any side effects. Ayurveda believes in boosting immunity of patients.Ayurvedic Herbs

He said, “When the fear about disease started spreading, we had set up a team of scientists to study. Our scientists, day and night, identified herbs to boost the immunity which will help body to fight against various types of viruses and to cure the people who were vulnerable. These compounds were tested after validation. These medicines were given to hundreds of patients, whose result was positive.

The main components of this medicinal herb will be Ashwagandha, Giloy, Tulsi and Shvasari juice and atomic oil. Their mixture and proportion have been decided according to research. He claimed that all these medicines are authentic from all major institutions, journals, etc., nationally and internationally, on the basis of their use, treatment and effect. It has even been published in the US Biomedicine Pharmacotherapy International General.

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