Balanced Protein Breakfast For An Active Day


diet-foodA full breakfast is essential for a healthy lifestyle. The body is difficult to wake up, tune in to active work when the morning begins with a cup of coffee, a quick snack on the go. Ignoring breakfast leads to the appearance of excess weight, poor health, reduced energy.

In the morning there is not enough time to prepare healthy dishes. By habit, the hand reaches out to ready-made products, which form the basis of typical breakfasts. In buns, muffins, sandwiches, sweets, baking, there is not enough protein, fiber, and other nutrients. Such food causes heaviness in the stomach, drowsiness, loss of strength.

Oat muesli, flakes are also difficult to be called healthy food. They consist mainly of simple carbohydrates, which raise the level of insulin, cause a feeling of hunger in an hour or two after eating. During the day, there is a desire to quickly have a snack to make up the level of carbohydrates. Such habits in the diet lead to a set of extra pounds.

waking upMorning is to start with a balanced breakfast, to keep cheerful and not overeat. It is important to observe the balance of proteins, complex carbohydrates, fiber, a limited amount of fats, vitamins, and minerals. The result is not a single component, but a complex power system.

A good time for breakfast is 8 am. Dietitians advise to “wake up” the digestive system with a glass of warm water, do a warm-up and then start eating. During the day, the food is well absorbed, lightness appears, and well-being improves.


The use of coffee in the morning gives a strong load on the cardiovascular system. To recharge your batteries for the whole day, doctors advise you to switch to herbal teas in the morning. Herbal drinks contain 6 phytocomponents to maintain the tone, which favorably affects the work of the body.

When there is no opportunity to cook in the morning, a healthy alternative is quality protein shakes. Formula 1 is suitable for active people who follow the figure and want to eat right.

A clinical study of the Formula 1 cocktail in the United States testified that compared to food with standard protein content, the use of protein-rich food substitutes not only contributes to significantly better results for weight loss but also helps to reduce weight due to a greater loss of body fat, rather than muscle mass. The results of the clinical trial were published in the August issue of the Nutrition Journal.

Active lifestyle and proper nutrition are the basis of excellent health. According to the latest studies of the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, a balanced breakfast helps to reduce the daily calorie intake. A quality breakfast makes the body wake up quickly, start metabolism and tune in to actively burn calories. Therefore, it is so important to have breakfast before leaving home!

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