10 Beach Vacation Packing List For Babies


When the whether is fine then there is no better place to take your baby than a beach vacation.Spending the day in the pool or by the sea will mean a prior organization. We recommend that you make a packing list so you do not forget anything.

There are essential items that we know you will not forget like: water, food, diapers, clothes or sunscreen . Today we propose 10 ideas for other items that will be of great help to keep your baby comfortable and entertained throughout the day . You will spend an unforgettable day!baby

1. Folding/ Inflatable Bathtub

An inflatable bathtub you can take anywhere, is super safe, practical and comfortable because it takes up very little space.

It will be an improvised pool for your baby on the beach or on the lawn of the garden, where your little one will have a great time.

If you have more space you also have the option of a folding bathtub. For example , Jané’s Smart Bath is another good alternative, since in addition to being able to use it at home in both bathtubs and shower trays, you can take it anywhere because folded does not take up anything.

Your child can enjoy an even bigger space than with an inflatable.

2.Inflatable Baby Rings for Arms

The famous Delphin Discs sleeves are ideal for your child to learn to swim as they will keep him stable in the water .

They consist of six discs made of polyethylene foam that is not harmful to the skin. They are put on and removed very easily since they have a flexible opening that allows them to adapt to the arms of any child from 1 year to 12 approximately.

These cuffs are lightweight and pleasant to touch, in addition they are not pricked. You should always have the same number of discs in each arm, and always use them under the supervision of an adult.

3. Stroller

Take a stroller is essential to choose beach or pool. However, not all are the same and for the summer that daily life is in general much more active, it is advisable to opt for a light and ultra compact.

Babyzen’s Yoyo + stroller is ideal for taking it anywhere and even meets the standards of hand-held pedestal on an airplane. You can also carry it hanging as if it were a bag and fold and unfold with one hand, so it will be super comfortable to take it to the beach or pool.


A muslin practice will get you out of more than one hurry. You can use it to protect you from the sun while you fall asleep in the chair, to cover it if it refreshes and that does not catch cold. Put it on the lawn or in the sand so you can play on it and if you breastfeed it to be able to cover it a little and have more privacy.


Combine the stroller with a mat to make your baby go cooler while you stroll along the beach or sleep so peacefully while sunbathing, resting or reading a book in the pool.

6. Maternity bags

You can not forget your maternal bag. It will be ideal to carry all the necessary things for you and your baby during the day at the beach or pool: pacifier, diapers, wipes, baby bottle, a swimsuit change so you do not take cold and everything you need to spend a great day with yours.

7. Anti-UV Tent

With the Babymoov anti-UV tent your child will be protected from the sun, sand and wind throughout the summer. Protects up to 99% of UVA and UVB from UV rays.

You can fold and unfold it in just 3 seconds thanks to its pop-up system. It is ultra light since it only weighs 1.25 kilos.

It has ventilation networks to allow aeration and 4 stakes to be able to fix it on the ground.

It also includes a transport bag so that moving it is not a problem.


Thanks to its swing the little ones can relax while listening to the waves of the sea, sleeping or playing under the umbrella .

Its ergonomic design adapts to the baby’s body, giving it the necessary support in its head and back. He has three positions and a natural swing caused by his movements and desire to play.

And if you want to give a new look to your hammock, or change the fabric for a cooler one for summer now you have the option thanks to the mesh hammock cover . It will be very practical to have a spare to be able to wash the other one.

And very important too, you can take it wherever you want thanks to its easy folding!


There is nothing more essential than keeping our kids well hydrated , and with much more reason the hot months. Fresh water, juices, fruits, baby food … can not miss in our day, so a thermos and a cooler will be essential to keep everything in perfect temperature.

10. Travel cot

The travel cot is easy to carry anywhere besides you can store it almost anywhere. Apart from being able to take it with you when you go on a trip, your child will be able to sleep in it, play and have a pipe without getting stained in the sand on the beach or having the little ants sting on the pool lawn, since it also serves as a playground.

Mounts and disassembles in just 2 seconds, weighs less than 5 kilos and also includes a heavy duty carrying bag to take it from one place to another. You will come great!

They are only 10 accessories that can be very useful to spend a great day on the beach or in the pool with your children. Of course you can not forget the diapers, wipes, hat, umbrella, games to entertain and of course a good sunscreen.

What would be the essentials for you to spend a great day at the beach or pool?

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