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colored water bottlesMother nature offers us very simple and at the same time magical healing solutions in a variety of ways. It offers us light, which is a source of heat, energy, color and also provides us water, which is essence life. By making good use of these resources, we achieve a harmony between body, mind, and spirit.

We can harness the therapeutic qualities of nature through color therapy. And within the field of chromotherapy, we have what we are going to focus on this methodology: solarized waters.

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What is and how is solarized water achieved?

Simply stated, solarized waters are those that have been directly in contact with sunlight to absorb their energy, making use of glass bottles of the desired color or wrapping a transparent glass bottle with colored cellophane.

The basic method to obtain solarized water is as follows:

We fill a glass bottle of the desired color (or wrapped in cellophane) of pure water, we cover it and leave it exposed to the sun for a minimum of 3 hours so that the vibrations of that color are transferred to the water. Keep in mind that the medicinal results will be more potent and beneficial the longer you are in contact with the light.

Solarized water can be used in different ways, ie it can be drunk or can be used externally. It is said that the virtues are maintained for approximately 24 hours, so it is advisable to prepare them, whenever possible, on a daily basis. 

And what benefit does each color bring me?

The properties that we benefit from are the following according to the color used:

Red: Related to blood circulation and Root chakra. On a physical level, it serves to combat weakness, decay, anemia, colds, and rheumatism. As for spiritual level, it will help us to strengthen the will and overcome the fear, as well as to help us overcome the lack of confidence in oneself.

Orange: Related to the respiratory system and the Spleen Chakra. At the physical level, it helps us with pancreatic disorders, kidney inflammation, gallstones, colds, and depression. It is advisable not to take both solarised red and orange water at the same time.

Yellow: related to the central nervous system, memory, and solar plexus chakra. At the physical level, it helps us with digestive system disorders, constipation, gas, favors the natural function of diabetes, liver, hemorrhoids, eczema and atopic skin diseases. At the psychic level, it serves to improve intellectual activity.

Blue: Related to the Throat chakra. It acts on the thyroid, parathyroid, throat and respiratory system. It is also commonly attributed antiseptic and bactericidal properties, so it is used in all types of infections (also viral). At the psychic level, it is usually used to combat stress, calm nerves, and insomnia; since it gives relaxation, peace, and rest. It is a very refreshing color so it should be used in a restricted way in people sensitive to cold. Excess of this color is contraindicated for colds, depression and for fatigue.

Indigo: This color is related to the Third Eye Chakra. It is used as a purifying, purifying blood and as a mental purifier, as it provides a deep calm to the mind. At the physical level, it is used in diseases of lungs (bronchitis, asthma, rhinitis, etc.), in Parkinson's and in mental affections like delirium tremens and obsessions. It is also known as anti-inflammatory and healing properties, which makes it a great painkiller. As for the spiritual, this color favors the intuition and development of the higher qualities of our mind.

Violet: It is related to the Crown chakra (top region of the head). It is a stimulant and purifier of blood, anti-inflammatory. It is often used in neuroses, rheumatism, neuralgias, scalp and sciatic diseases. As for the spiritual, it is considered as an ideal to favor concentration and meditation.

White: As we already know, this color is really the mixture of all colors (remember, the ray of light that crosses a prism, as the result is the division of that white light into the colors of the rainbow). That's why it is considered as a great energizer used as a preventive of diseases and as a harmonizer of body and mind.

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