Benefits & Types Of Heat Therapy


women lying Heat accelerates various processes in the body: the blood vessels dilate, which increases the blood circulation, stimulates the metabolism, and oxygen and nutrients get more and more into the cells. This has a pain-relieving effect on many complaints, increases the body's defenses and contributes to relaxation.

Sauna: Training for the immune system

When going to the sauna, the entire body is heated. This stimulates the circulation as well as the defenses. The body temperature increases slightly, the vessels expand, the heart pumps more.

The sauna is particularly useful by the subsequent cooling. The vessels contract within a very short time. That trains her flexibility. Although sauna sessions are exhausting for the body, they are relaxing. Taking some rest in between is important.

Fango: good for the musculoskeletal system

As a bath or pack, the heated healing mud primarily stimulates blood circulation and metabolism. This stimulates the immune system and, among other things, has a positive effect on the musculoskeletal system - pain in muscles and joints diminishes.

For example, physiotherapists use fango applications for back pain, arthritis and muscle tension.

At home, you can use a warming plaster or balm from your pharmacy to relieve pain in your muscles and joints. The team of your healthy living pharmacy will be pleased to advise you on suitable products and their application.

Red Light Therapy: targeted heat

What is commonly referred to as "red light" is treatment with warming infrared radiation? With the help of a red light lamp, it is possible to heat certain body parts specifically and thus to increase blood circulation.

Red light can help wherever heat has a positive effect, such as muscle tension and rheumatic complaints, as well as bronchitis or otitis media.

Hot Bath

people taking warm water bath in tub

A cause of headaches can be muscular tension, for example, in the neck and shoulders. Then a hot bath can help to solve them. The warm water relaxes the muscles and the pain subsides.

A bath additive with valerian enhances the relaxing effect. On the way or if it has to go fast, painkillers from the pharmacy relieve the symptoms at short notice.

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