Benefits & Uses of Soapnut For Hair


Well, we all know that with Soapnut, we can wash hair and use it as shampoo. Soapnut is a tree which is found throughout India. Flowers come in summer on the Soapnut tree, which is very small in size. Their color is light green. The fruit of Soapnut comes in July and August, which grows until November and December. The dried fruit is used as shampoo, detergent or hand washing soap.

The use of Soapnut is used to remove the lice from the hair, to strengthen them, to make hair silky and thick.

Usage and health benefits of the Soapnut for hair:

1. Use Soapnut as a special element in shampoo because it’s stem is excellent for hair health.

2. This herb is also used for diseases like epilepsy, migraine, chlorosis, eczema, sunosis, and salvage, etc.

3. If you have lice in the hair, then you should wash your hair with Soapnut. It will clear the lice from the hair straight away.

4. Use dried Soapnut as a paste, add one egg, one spoon Amla powder, Dry Reed and Shikkani powder. Massage it on your head skin and leave it for 30 minutes. Then wash the head with a light shampoo. Do this for two months to get a good result. Hair fall will stop.

5. To make dried soapnut as shampoo, boil 100 grams of Amla, 100 grams of dry soapnut and boil in 1 liter of water till it becomes half. Use this shampoo for 2 months.

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