6 Best Essential Oils For Chapped Lips


Lips are often dehydrated, chapped as they are exposed to a variety of external factors, such as weather or even contamination. Did you know that there are oils for the lips that will help us to moisturize them in an effective way? Let’s talk more about that in the next few lines.

Sunlight, low temperatures, consumption of hot drinks, or even make-up or saliva when we repeatedly pass the tongue over them are some of the elements that tend to crack and dry our lips considerably.

Best Natural Oils To Hydrate Lips

Essential oils can become a perfect ally to moisturize your lips. In general, they are applied as massages, with circular movements and are left to rest so that all their properties can penetrate and can be absorbed, restoring the balance of hydration and texture. These oils, in addition to allowing us to achieve a healthier skin, soften and even help fight the main signs of aging.

  1. Olive Oilolive-oil

We started our list with this lip oil, which in addition to repairing damaged skin tissues, will help treat cracked and/or burned lips, as well as moisturize and moisten them. If at the same time, you combine this type of oil with sugar, you can exfoliate, lighten and eliminate the presence of dead cells.

In addition to getting lips with more shine and softness, olive oil will act as a protector against cigarette smoke, saliva itself or wind.

You can enhance the effects of this oil on your lips if combined with almond oil or avocado oil. To apply it, you just have to spill a few drops and massage the area. Although after the first 20 minutes you can remove it from your lips, we recommend that you dispose of it all night.

When you are done, rinse your lips and put a cream on them. You can also mix the olive oil with a little honey and let it work all night. The next day, you can remove, moistening with warm water.

2.Coconut Oilcoconut-oil

Another of the non-lacking lip oils is this one containing emollient, antioxidant and vitamin E fatty acids. Emollients are absorbed through the skin very easily, helping to keep it moisturized for a greater number of hours.

Thanks to vitamin E and its antioxidant effect, we will prevent the lips from cracking easily. It would not be insignificant to mix this oil with olive oil to improve its beneficial properties. Vitamin E is very useful for curing cold sores and those that are more cracked. And, is that this vitamin acts as a lip moisturizer, fighting the effects of dryness. The usual use of this on the lips will help prevent the eruption of cold sores, thus providing greater relief from the burning sensation.

3. Rosehip Seed Oil

We are facing one of the best oils to combat aging skin. It increases the elastin and collagen our skin needs to look firmer. At the same time, it helps promote lip discoloration, not to mention that it will protect them from sunlight, burns and reduces scars.

It also contains a high percentage of essential fatty acids, so it will help keep our lips perfectly moisturized. In addition, thanks to its astringent properties it will help to accelerate the healing process of burns and scars.

We can mix a few drops of rosehip oil with as many coconut oil. To make our lip balm, we can also fuse this oil with a little butter or aloe vera gel.

4.Essential Oil of Jasmineessential oils

Another oil that will help us to moisturize our lips is the essential oil of jasmine. Thanks to its antiseptic, analgesic and carminative properties, it is a perfect ally for dry and irritated lips and is used to treat the presence of possible scars and other marks.

It has a great sedative power, so it will provide the sedative effect. You can apply this oil as a massage three or four times a day.

5. Almond oilalmonds

There are lip oils, such as almond oil, that give us the moisturizing power we need to combat lip dryness. To apply it, we can soak a cotton disc in hot water and apply it on the lips exerting a slight pressure on them.

In this way, you can soften dead skin and make it come off the lips more easily. Once this is done, you can spread a few drops of sweet almond oil with a light massage. Then gently rub the lips, using a napkin or a tissue to remove the small dead skin and apply another layer of oil. When the latter is completely absorbed, you can make up your mouth with your usual lipstick.

6.Sugar With OilSugar in a bowl

Another interesting option is to mix almond oil or olive oil with sugar to get an exfoliating effect on the dry lips. Once this is done, we will spread the compound over the lips, performing a circular massage to eliminate all dead cells.

After a few minutes, remove the mixture with plenty of warm water and finish the process adding a few drops of olive oil to hydrate the mouth to the maximum. You can replace this oil with petroleum jelly or coconut oil.

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