Seven Tips for Hiring a Call Center Supplier


BPO outsourcing to a call center provider can benefit your business the optimal way as you can expect. Although BPO experience for every company varies depending on the agency or company they are partnering with, it takes thorough research to ensure the quality of service you will be provided. Therefore, prior to deciding whether your company or business needs a call center agency to cover the communication load of your business, it is important to do research not just the service but also with the working ethics of your preferred outsourced call center agency. 

Throughout the years in the business, call centers are providing a great deal in increasing the productivity and the sales of a company. Its agents are providing their expertise in order to provide the utmost customer service towards its clients and customers. Here are some of the tips that might help you on your decision with call center outsourcing services.

Tips on Hiring a Call Center Supplier

It is really nice to have some tips on or before making a decision. It is not a secret but most of the decisions new business owners make are often because of impulsiveness. As to why it is nice to have either a checklist or get some tips to every decision you will make. Always remember that, making your own checklist or listening on some tips allows you to avoid spending just for testing the water. These tips can be applicable not just for call center outsourcing solutions but also across other industries.

Understand what services are available

There are two main services  outsourced call centers have to offer: inbound calling and outbound calling.Outbound is ideal for businesses that need assistance reaching customers. Inbound services provide customer assistance and technical support for programs and software.When choosing a call center agency, we highly suggest hiring an agency that is located in an English Speaking country. Most call center agencies hired by businesses are all overseas, although the production cost is way cheaper, communication becomes an issue because of language barrier. Campaign success features can extend to script development – it’s important that a service provides knowledgeable, professional service to your customers.

Choose between dedicated or shared agents

Call center services include a roster of competitive agents that will help handle your account. No matter how big or small your account, you can always communicate with your outsourced BPO to provide you with dedicated or shared agents. Dedicated agents are assigned only to your account while shared agents are assigned to two or more accounts. If you value the quality of service your agents will provide to your customers, you can always choose dedicated agents.

Keep an eye on the AI trend

“Artificial intelligence (AI) is quickly making its way into many familiar systems, often acting as an augmentation to human ability rather than a replacement for it. It’s no different in the world of call centers, where AI is already making a splash. Now that most of contact center outsourced services has embraced the AI technology, it will be much easier for your company to collect data of your incoming customers and to build a predictive  analytics, the ability to determine which customers are most likely to buy, for example, is becoming a powerful use case for AI in the call center industry.

Security is perhaps the most important consideration

I guess this is no brainer. Security is the utmost priority of any business across the globe. Oftentimes, this is the first thing your customers are looking upon on your services. Choosing a contact center outsourcing agency that values and advocates security should be added to your checklist.

Get references and speak with other clients

No better way to know the business ethics of your prospective outsourced call centers agency but the words from its clients. It is really important to check the track record of your prospective agency to ensure that your business will be taken care of. Remember that the agency will be representing your company towards your customers and it is just right that you have a full confidant with the skills, value, and working ethics of the agency.

Know their volume limits (and the traffic you’ll send)

Most of the time, this will depend on your company and its size. You’ll have different needs when it comes to serving your customers. Many call centers will have a minimum volume required of businesses before they’ll be available to work with your company.

Location can be important to consider

There are pros and cons in choosing the right location of your outsourced call centers.

If you are considering the clarity on the communication side of your business representative, then we suggest hiring a US-based or contact center in an English-Speaking Country. For example an outsourced IT support Jersey can easily communicate to your client in the USA because of its location. They can be empathetic and sympathetic with all of your customers. However these agencies can be a little costly compared to hiring an overseas agency.

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