How To Use Castor Oil On Face For Beard Growth


Castor oil has multiple uses, being common over the years has been used in health because it is an excellent natural product antibacterial and antifungal. Two properties for which, precisely, it has also begun to be used for some years now in the field of beauty and personal care. In fact, it is a product not only used by women, but also by men. And it is effective to have a perfect beard. Its properties, in this case, focus on its power to grow the beard. If you do not know how to apply castor oil to grow your beard.bearded man

Castor oil for the growth of the beard: benefits and properties

Castor oil is good for growing the beard because of its composition, and that is the presence of ricinoleic acid , which has antibacterial and antifungal properties.

Thanks to these characteristics, castor oil allows the beard to grow in those cases in which its growth is affected by the presence in the skin of some fungi or bacteria that prevent the development of hair. But that is not all. Castor oil is also rich in omega fatty acids , which are excellent hair protectors , apart from contributing to its proper hydration while avoiding the loss of hair water. It also nourishes and helps the hair follicle stay healthy.

The use of castor oil to grow the beard causes the hair to be stronger, to acquire a greater thickness, which is especially noticeable in the finer hairs, and also has a greater shine. As a result, hair growth is accelerated because it is healthy and in perfect condition.

Can castor oil be used for all beards?argan-oil

Castor oil can be used in general in all beards because all of them can provide some of the benefits we have discussed in the previous section.

Apart, specifically and in relation to the growth of the beard, castor oil acts on two fronts mainly:

  • It grows the hair that is already in the beard, giving it also greater thickness and strength.
  • It facilitates the growth of more hair , so that a more populated and abundant beard is achieved, avoiding the appearance of areas of skin on the face that do not have hair or a lower density.

How to apply castor oil on the beard

To grow the beard with castor oil, it is not enough to apply the product on the area. It is convenient to follow a series of tips to get better and faster results:

  • It is better to use the product at night because the hair takes advantage to regenerate. In addition, castor oil can act for more hours without problem.
  • It is key to clean the skin well before applying the castor oil on the beard so that it can penetrate more easily.
  • In case of having oily skin, it is advisable to use a sulfur soap to thoroughly clean the pores and remove the sebum. Otherwise, the castor oil cannot penetrate well into the skin and reach the hair follicles.

After following these tips, the application of castor oil is very simple. You just have to take a little product and extend it by the beard, focusing especially on the areas where you want to grow more hair or accelerate its growth.

Its application should be done by gently massaging the skin of the area so that the castor oil penetrates well into the skin. It is important to try to absorb the dermis.

Anyway, you can also leave on the beard throughout the night, leaving the hair well covered, as if it were a mask.

The morning after its application, which can be done two or three times a week, only wash your face with plenty of water to remove the remains of castor oil. This is especially important if it has been used as if it were a hair mask. Then, it only remains to continue with the usual daily personal care.

With these tips, we hope we have helped you to know the benefits of this product and also to have clarified the doubts about how to grow the beard with castor oil. We always recommend that you consult with experts before applying any treatment, even if it is a natural product.

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