Child Tired all the time : 6 Reasons


Although the child does not usually express fatigue verbally, he may be suffering from it. Pay attention to their behavior and evaluate what factors may be causing constant exhaustion.kid sitting on a bean bag

Maybe you ask yourself: “Why is my son tired all the time?” There are several factors that cause physical exhaustion in children; we describe them to you next.

6 Reasons for fatigue in children

You should pay attention to your child’s behavior and the circumstances in which it develops daily. This way you can find the causes of your fatigue or physical fatigue.

Need to draw attention

Some children get tired quickly of any activity because what they want is to spend quality time with their parents . They even show their discontent when their parents can not play or hang out with them.

Have many toys

When a child has too many things to play, he does not enjoy anything. It occurs because he does not find where to focus his attention . Consequently, he usually shows fatigue due to the frustration that causes having so many things to choose when wanting to entertain.

Emotional problems

Being angry or sad for a long time, your child may manifest physical exhaustion. It is important to resolve your emotional state so that you feel good and can continue with your daily activities.


When you ask the question “Why is my child tired all the time?”, You may discover that you have too many stimuli in your environment; therefore, it is not able to focus on any . This is normal to cause physical exhaustion.

Difficulty to sleep

Children who have trouble falling asleep due to nightmares, nighttime fears or general anxiety may have daily fatigue.

Growth and development of the childMother & Child

From the age of 4 begin school activities, learning new skills and group games. For this reason, your child may manifest fatigue.

Diseases that produce fatigue

Childhood fatigue can be caused by many diseases. Some are heart or kidney problems, anemia, viral infections, poor eating habits, immune system disorders or Epstein-Barr virus.

‘My son is tired all the time’ is a common complaint among parents.

How to combat fatigue in your child?

You can help your child reduce fatigue with these tips:

Have a healthy diet
It is essential the variety of foods that the child should consume. Especially those who provide iron and vitamin C, which helps to combat fatigue. These are found in meats, fish, green leafy vegetables, dairy products, and fruits.

“It is important to resolve the emotional state of children and youth so that they feel good and can continue with their daily activities without feeling constant fatigue.”

Get enough sleep

It is essential to have good sleeping habits; especially during school age. Lying late is not recommended, as the child needs to sleep between 8 and 10 hours.

Activate your mind by playing

The instructional and recreational games are ideal to keep the child’s mind awake, animated and with a positive attitude. You must maintain balance when performing these activities since excess also generates fatigue.

Perform the constant physical exercise

Practicing a sport regularly fights fatigue and helps activate the body. In addition, it propitiates a good rest during the nights.

Receive specialized medical care

If you notice signs of fatigue in your child even though you do not see the causes for it, it is best to go to your doctor to evaluate it. Remember that this can be a symptom of some disease.

Why is my son tired all the time as a teenager?

The problem in young people, in general, is due to the change in schedule in the studies. Also, they influence the increase of their responsibilities and social activities. Added to this, he considers that adolescence is a stage of biological changes.

During this stage, you are likely to have sleep disturbances caused by apnea, circadian rhythm disorders, and insomnia. Another change in adolescents is that they need to fall asleep late and get up late, which interferes with their responsibilities.

Many parents ask themselves “Why is my son tired all the time?”

Symptoms of fatigue in young people

The signs of fatigue in adolescents are usually the notorious and frequent mood swings. They get angry quickly, talk less, do not smile and become apathetic.

How to help the teenager to combat fatigue?

So that you do not have to say: “My son is tired all the time”, you can help him by giving him all the support he needs, watching him rest and get enough sleep and giving him medical attention if he needs it.

Make sure you do activities that relax you, such as talking, reading and listening to music, especially before going to sleep. It is also important to have a good diet that provides vitamins and minerals for healthy and normal development.

In short, you can succeed by supporting your child in their needs. With these precautions, the phrase “My son is tired all the time” will not abound in your conversations anymore.

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