Childhood Asthma : Causes Treatment, Advice


Cases of asthma in boys and girls have been increasing in recent years. It is characterized by difficulty breathing and cough, especially night cough . Asthma also causes a general feeling of tiredness. baby

Asthma is a chronic condition of the respiratory system : the airways swell, making breathing difficult and producing a choking sensation. Today is a disease that can be controlled, so it is important to go to the pediatrician to diagnose and treat asthma.

Causes of asthma

Asthma in children can be due to different causes: presence in the environment of pollen or mites, a respiratory infection caused by an infection, pollution in cities, the hair of some animals or the effort that is made with physical exercise.

Asthma treatment

If the pediatrician diagnoses asthma, surely prescribe your child a bronchodilator to take during the attacks and thus clear the airways or a drug to prevent inflammation of the pathways. Both medications are administered by means of some devices:

  • Inhaler: for the short-term relief of asthma. It is a device that administers a certain amount of medicine orally.
  • Nebulizer: The patient will inhale the medicine diluted in saline solution for 15 or 20 minutes until the full dose is administered. Asthma relief occurs for longer.

Advice for parents with asthmatic children

  • All people who have contact with your child (in daycare, school, grandparents or other relatives) should know that the child is asthmatic and have knowledge of how to proceed in case of an attack.
  • Create a clean environment : avoid carpets, use mattress cushions or anti-mite pillows, avoid pets, do not smoke at home, etc.
  • Asthma intensifies if your child gets nervous, talk to him in a calm and calm voice and try to relax if he suffers a crisis.

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