Color Melting: A New Way To Paint Your Hair


melt-hair-womenAmong so many hair trends like ombre, balayage, baby lights and many others we see daily, it is a little difficult to identify one from another. So, we tell you which is the newest (and the one you definitely should try this season).

It is the color melting or melted hair, a tendency of hair that adds to the transition from a dark tone to a lighter one throughout the whole hair. The main differentiator of this beauty trend is that there is not a drastic contrast between one color and the other, but they manage to blend subtly with each other.

The 5 main mistakes you make when painting your hair

It is a slight degradation (almost imperceptible). In fact, it is almost impossible to differentiate where one tone ends and where the other begins. Ideal for those who want to transform their mane without falling into the extremes!

The hair coloration of the season

If you are looking for a change of look that is discreet, but that manages to change the look of your hair. The Melted Hair is perfect for you!

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