7 Consequences of Wearing Tight Jeans


The tight pants enhance your figure, make you look more attractive, although sometimes they are not very comfortable, especially if you wear them for long periods. Here we leave you 7 serious consequences of wearing tight jeans.tigh jeans

Very tight jeans and some health problems have a lot of relationship, tight clothing can cause some discomfort. There is a very popular phrase that says “fashion what suits you”, it may be a good idea to pay attention to it, try to wear less tight clothes, wear comfortable clothes, it will benefit you a lot. Here are some problems with wearing tight clothes.

7 serious consequences of wearing tight jeans

1. Bad circulation

Increasing pressure in a part of the body can damage nerves and muscles, in addition to reducing blood flow. According to the Spanish Heart Foundation, tight clothing hinders blood circulation and favors the development of cardiovascular diseases. The veins are compressed and thrombi or blood clots originate, tissue necrosis, increased risk of heart attack and death.

2. Tight pants syndrome

It manifests with abdominal discomfort, heartburn, dilated veins and belching after a time of wearing tight clothing.

3. Bad digestion

If the clothes put pressure on the abdomen, the food is not digested properly, this is further aggravated in those people who suffer from heartburn, reflux or heartburn.

4.Vaginal infections

Very tight pants cause vaginal infections, too tight clothes trap moisture from the intimate area and cause irritation in the vagina, this creates an environment conducive to the bacteria that cause infections.


As found in an American research called “Bra and Breast Cancer Study”, wearing a tight bra favors fluid accumulation, soft tissue and the formation of malignant cysts, because the body is not eliminating toxins in the right way.

6. Cellulite

By wearing very tight clothing you alter blood circulation and cause fluid retention, if you wear tight clothing a lot you are at risk of cellulite.

7. Dizziness

If you wear tight clothing very often you may have breathing problems, headache, blurred vision, sweating and fainting. Wear baggy clothes.

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