Why Do Contact Lenses Give Me a Headache


The headaches, more or less intense, are usually one of the most common conditions that affect us in our day to day. Depending on the moment and the way in which they appear, they can be very annoying and cause us limitations to perform our daily functions, especially if we suffer this alteration in a constant way. Therefore, if they appear more and more frequently, we advise you to go to your doctor so that he can carry out the necessary analyzes to discover their origin.headache

In fact, headaches can have multiple causes and, in particular, can often be related to vision and eyes. The need to wear prescription lenses, dry or irritated eyes or even contact lenses or contact lenses can generate intense headaches.

Lenses and migraines: bad prescription of your contact lenses

Have you recently started using contact lenses and have you started to get headaches on a regular basis? Do you wonder “is it normal for my head to ache with contact lenses?” The answer is yes, it is quite possible that these discomforts are intimately related to the contact lenses you are using, in theory, if the contact lenses are properly cleaned, they are graduated. correctly and you have learned to place them well, you should not have any problems, if they cause migraines, it may be due to different causes.

One of the most common is an incorrect prescription of contact lenses . Occasionally, errors can occur when the lack of vision is calculated, or when it is communicated to those responsible for the graduation, or even in the delivery of your new lenses.

The problem is that you are wearing contact lenses that may have a higher or lower graduation than you need, so you still have vision problems and this generates the headaches you probably already had before visiting your specialist . To end this problem you must go back to your eye doctor to check if your contact lenses are right for you.

Another cause of headache by contact lenses: dry eye syndrome

Do you usually have dry eyes? It is quite common if you use contact lenses regularly. This syndrome can be very annoying, in addition to raising the risk of developing headaches. When we have dry eyes, light causes us greater discomfort , which causes us to be squinting continuously, in addition to forcing our eyes to see properly. If we maintain this situation for a while, the headache ends up appearing.

This syndrome appears more commonly in people who use, either for work or leisure, the computer regularly or are exposed for long periods to screens, such as mobile devices or televisions. The contact lenses are one more factor, together with the use of the screens, of suffering from the syndrome of dry eyes and, therefore, headaches.

Dry contact lenses and headache

Do you think that only your eyes can dry? Contact lenses can also become dehydrated , especially when you use them throughout the day. When they have been in your eyes for more than 12 hours , both the lenses and your eyes tend to become dehydrated. This supposes that the pressure around the ocular zone increases and this in turn can generate very annoying headaches.

That is why it is very important that you remember to remove your contact lenses if you have already exceeded 12 hours and, above all, always avoid sleeping with them, as it will generate many discomforts and irritations. It is also essential that you follow the indications, both the specialist and the manufacturer of the contact lenses, at the time of care and maintenance.

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