How To Deal With A Perfectionist Boss


womenA perfectionist boss is looking for perfection. Always, everywhere and in everybody. It is only satisfying when it is attained. This makes him a true tyrant who is able to ruin the lives of his subordinates. It raises the bar so high that it seems unattainable, and its requirements are often impossible to perform and even meaningless.

Here are some ideas on how to react when we work with a similar Boss.

Make him understand that his behavior is harmful not only to you but himself. It will not be easy for you but do not stop with effort. They will be well appreciated by your fellow perfectionist.

Always explain that your attitude to it is good-natured, respectful, and it does not depend on whether it has done its job well.

Interrupt it whenever you hear it say, “I have to …” by emphasizing that not only he but also somebody else in the team could get the job done. This will break the traditional desire of such individuals to load as many tasks as possible.

Show that it is not as dangerous to make a mistake, nor is it dramatic if you fail. Failure is a failure and can happen to everyone.

Remember that this type of people very often concentrates and look at details that are not essential. Therefore, they are unable to manage the time they have, even less to properly prioritize themselves. Help the perfectionist from your office, reminding him what the big goal is.

Ask him / her to give you the remarks he / she has about your work, and specify that you will then specify his / hers. So gradually you may learn that there is nothing wrong with criticism.

Look for the best way to win his trust.

Finally, but not least, provoke him to break away from his job and still rest sometimes. Think about how to do it so that it does not give you up.

No matter how long you use these ideas, be sure your efforts are worthwhile. Better a little diligence and perseverance on your part than the constant harassment of His Majesty the Perfectionist.

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