6 Early Warning Signs Of Liver Problems


liver The liver is a vital organ related to the work of our entire body because it is responsible for purifying the body of all harmful, toxic substances.

Usually, the liver suffers first from the way of life we ​​lead: it is badly damaged by poor nutrition, environmental pollution, stress, negative emotions and other irritating factors.

To know that the liver is overloaded and working for wear can be, your body itself will give you the appropriate signals.

1.Wrinkles between the Eyebrows

It has always been believed that wrinkles are the result of the aging process of our body and that genetics determines whether they will appear sooner or later.

And nevertheless, it is not quite so: wrinkles can reflect the state of our body, and therefore are very useful for the timely recognition and prevention of various diseases.

These are, for example, vertical wrinkles that appear in people between the eyebrows. This can be a sign that the liver is overloaded. And the deeper these wrinkles, the more dangerous the damage of this organ.

2.Brown or Green Spots on Face

The appearance of brown or greenish spots on the face is not only a matter of aesthetics. And not always this pigmentation is associated with age or exposure to sunlight.

Such spots, especially if they are located on the right side or in the temporal region, also indicate an incorrect operation of the liver, and may also be associated with lesions of the gallbladder, pancreas and spleen.

As for the complexion, here everything is simpler: if the skin suddenly acquired a yellowish shade, this, too, is most likely due to the weakening of the liver function.

3.Oily skin on the forehead

Skin type is another issue, which we often associate only with genetics or age. However, too dry or, conversely, too oily skin can indicate some kind of internal imbalance.

If the skin on the forehead suddenly becomes too greasy, then this may be due to a violation of the liver. Sometimes excess fat is accompanied by excessive sweating in the same zone.

4. Baldness and Gray Hairgrey-hair

In spring and autumn, we can lose more hair than usual. This is normal. But some people suffer from this phenomenon all year round or for very long periods of time, and for no special reason. To solve this issue, it is important to understand exactly where our hair falls out.

If baldness of the central part of the head is observed (or there appears gray hair), then, most likely, it is a warning signal that some organs are faulty and, probably, the liver. This applies to both men and women.

Premature gray hair is also usually associated with a dysfunction of the liver or gallbladder.

5. Eyesight Problemseye

If you believe traditional Chinese medicine, the liver directly affects the flow of blood to the eyes. For this reason, eye problems besides other factors may be due to poor liver function.

If the liver is overloaded, the eyes may even lose their natural shine and become cloudy, the pupils are whitish at the same time, and the whites of the eyes (and the skin under the eyes) become yellowish.

6. Inflammation of the Gums and Throat

Many people often get inflamed gums and even begin to bleed when brushing their teeth. This problem is also associated with the liver, and there may still be inflammation in the throat.

And even if you use special toothpaste, the condition of the gums will not improve until we solve the problem with the normal functioning of the liver.

If you observe these symptoms, the best option for your future actions is to seek medical help.

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