EFT Tapping – An Amazing Alternative Therapy


eft technique tappingThere are many branches within psychology, but energy-based psychological therapies like the EFT or emotional release technique are gaining great adepts by showing results quickly and effectively .

EFT (emotional release technique) is an emotional version of acupuncture and replaces the needles by stimulating points on the body by tapping with the fingertips ( tapping ). More specifically, it is a technique that combines tapping and suggestion methods: while the therapist practices tapping , the patient remains mentally focused on the problem. The result obtained is an immediate relief and a change of point of view in relation to the trauma, in other words, a reduction of the emotional reaction that generates the phobia, anguish and the fear is obtained and the correct flow of chi bioenergy.


The technique of emotional release is very powerful and can cause the mind to be restructured and emotions released. Now we will move on to the technique of emotional liberation.

EFT (Emotional release technique) and Its Origin

The emotional release technique is a recent therapy that combines traditional psychology with Oriental Medicine and Kinesiology.

The Emotional Release Technique (EFT) has been used to treat a wide variety of problems, including:

  • Worries, fears, anxieties, phobias and traumatic experiences.
  • Stress, tiredness, and exhaustion.
  • Will, resentment, irritability, changes in mood, sadness, and depression.
  • Insecurity, low self-esteem, and relationship difficulties.

There are combinations of acupuncture points, which he called algorithms, which stimulated them to eliminate these phobias and traumas in very few sessions.

Fundamentals of EFT

To understand and believe in the technique of emotional release or EFT as one of the most important branches of energy psychology, we have to realize that we are in the era of quantum physics. Everything is energy that is transmitted in the form of waves and, that these waves can be neutralized with other waves of different frequency.

The emotional release or EFT technique combines body, mind, diagnosis, and treatment. At the beginning of treatment,


Once the alteration has been verified, a specific series of points of the body are stimulated with repetitive pressure with the fingers and in an orderly manner and, in a matter of a few seconds or minutes, the patient will be able to appreciate a decrease or even the annulment of said discomfort.


Emotional Release Technique

It is based on this phrase: “The main contributors to most physical ailments and diseases are our unresolved negative emotions.”
But, what is tapping and how is it applied in the technique of emotional release?

It is the method used to balance energy. Try to make punches with a certain pressure, but without being painful, rhythmically (2 or 3 strokes per second) with the tip of the index finger and thumb, on strategic points. These blows send signals to the brain, producing a rearrangement of the organism, restoring.

The strategic points are connected with the main meridians (energy channels) used in acupuncture. It is not necessary to obsess to look for to the millimeter where is the zone to strike since the tip of the fingers has a surface much greater to the point to stimulate.

The points to stimulate during the session would be the following ones, and they can be stimulated as much the ones of the right part as those of the left or to exchange it:

  • At the beginning of the eyebrow, just above the side of the nose (Eye Brow)
  • Above the bone, next to the outer edge of the eye (Side of the Eye)
  • In the bone under the eye (Under the Eye)
  • In the area between the lower part of the nose and the edge of the upper lip (Under the Nose)
  • At mid-distance between the tip of the chin and the edge of the lower lip (Chin)
  • Point where the sternum, clavicle and first rib (Bone Collar)
  • Lateral of the body, in the line of the nipple in the man and in the line of the bra, in the women (Under the Arm).
  • In the fingers, at the base of the nail, in the corner closest to us
  • On the edge of the hand, at the point with which we would hit a karate.
  • On the back of the hand, the point that would form an equilateral triangle with the knuckles of the little finger and the ring.

Some of the benefits of EFT

Easily applicable to any physical or emotional discomfort
It is effective, smooth, durable and results are obtained in very little time
It lacks side effects.
It could be applied by oneself
It improves self-image, optimizes emotional health and can produce positive effects where other conventional therapies can not.


The EFT or emotional release technique, even if it is a mysterious method, is effective and can be easily learned and can be applied by oneself when we need them. It does not require any tools (only our fingers), nor does it need to be an expert in anatomy.

It is necessary to release the negative emotions to be able to live a life without fear and without anxiety. We live in an age of stress pandemic and energy psychology offers us very effective tools to help us create what we want our life, eliminating those limitations that we can have in the subconscious.

Every illness or trauma is an alarm that the body sends us to face what is altering the correct flow of our energetic. If we do not heed the alteration when it arises and we let it pass, it may be postponed, but sooner or later it will come out again, and perhaps come with more intensity.

We can handle energy, we can give affection and bring joy, we can reach out and lighten the burden of some, we can make people happy by just looking for it, this ability is our best advantage in this world. Osho

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