How Does Exercise Help Sexually


man-and-womanThe relationship between sex and exercise has remained in the focus of attention of athletes for years. Can sex diminish athletic performance? Does physical activity influence sexual practice?

There is some controversy about the benefits or complications that one activity can cause on the other, but the truth is that it depends to a large extent on the sport that is practiced, the way it is done and the psychological conditions of each athlete.

Knowing how the organism works during these practices allows us to understand how they affect daily life and how they relate to each other. With this information, it is possible to enhance the performance of each one and take advantage of its benefits.

How does sport effect active and full sex life?

Performing physical activity frequently and having a healthy body helps to improve sexual life significantly. In addition to reducing stress, releasing endorphins and improving mood, the exercise allows to balance blood pressure, protect heart health and prevent diabetes, improving the physical and mental conditions of athletes.

With sport it is possible to reduce anxiety and depression, generating greater confidence and personal control over stress and tension. This helps increase desire, security, and relaxation.

Another benefit of physical activity is that it prevents erectile dysfunction, associated with certain pathologies such as diabetes. In the case of women, it strengthens the muscular tone of the pelvis and helps to raise the blood flow of the clitoris.

Although in general, sports favor sexual activity, it is important not to exceed or over-demand, since the greater flexibility and resistance can be transformed into injuries, back pain or chronic fatigue.

What sports help improve sexual life?

Either because they burn more calories, improve blood pressure or activate the heart rate more easily, some sports practices favor sexual activity to a greater extent. First, aerobic activities are located, followed by relaxation and localized activities.

Exercises that improve sexual life:

Aerobics: Running, swimming, hiking, and spinning are very useful activities to improve blood pressure, reduce the risk of erectile dysfunction and increase sexual resistance. The main benefit of aerobic exercise is that they reduce vascular risk factors, improving circulation and avoiding problems of lubrication, erection or orgasms.

Yoga and Pilates: These activities help reduce stress and tension and at the same time strengthen confidence and security. This is transmitted by an increase in desire and personal satisfaction. Performing the exercises in pairs increases the benefits even more.
Localized gym and weights: In addition to toning the muscles, these exercises improve self-esteem, reduce accumulated calories and allow the athlete to have more strength and flexibility, reaching postures and a performance that previously was not achieved.

Outdoor sports: Relaxation and the release of stress are not the only benefits of outdoor sports. Contact with the sun facilitates the production of vitamin D, essential for the generation of testosterone. This hormone increases libido and thus promotes sexual activity in both men and women. sport-air-free

Can sex interfere with athletic performance?

In general, the period of relaxation after the sexual act is considered as tiredness or weakness. Although between 50 and 300 calories are consumed with sex and represents wear equivalent to running up two flights of stairs, a person recovers quickly.

The conditions that sexual activity can present to sports are more related to the context and the mood and psychological state of the athlete. If the athlete believes that sex before a competition or training will condition his performance, it is very likely to happen.

Also, stressful situations such as infidelity or those accompanied by alcohol consumption and a few hours of sleep also affect the functioning of the body either physically or psychically.

Many athletes have managed to overcome this belief and maintain an active and full sex life even before competitions. The important thing is to understand that an athlete is a person traversed by feelings, complications and individual psychological characteristics that can directly infer in his performance if he considers it possible.

Exercise offers many benefits to the sexual activity of those who practice it and vice versa. Whether improving the physical conditions of the body such as circulation or muscle; as well as increased self-esteem, releasing endorphins and generating confidence. In any case, it is fundamental that each athlete can recognize their potential and weaknesses, reduce psychological conditioning and moderate the relationship between both practices according to their particular state.

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