Why Exercise Does Not Remove Fat From The Abdomen


exerciseThere are variety reasons that prevent weight loss belly.Many girls want to remove fat from the bottom of the abdomen, as it spoils the shape of the figure.

Sometimes even the most intense workouts do not work. Let’s see why.

Passion for harmful food

To remove fat from the stomach, physical exercises alone are not enough. It is necessary to limit the use of fast carbohydrates: chocolate bars, muffins, carbonated drinks. Otherwise, insulin will work against you.

Chronic Stress

The stress hormone keeps the fat on your abdomen tight. Therefore, use every opportunity to neutralize stress: sleep, walk in the fresh air, do art therapy.

Alcohol consumption

Alcoholic beverages are very caloric. If you do not want to struggle with your belly all your life, instead of beer, give preference to a small amount of red wine. This drink is rich in antioxidants, so it helps to protect arteries from fatty plaque deposits on their walls, and also prevents clogging of blood clots.

Passive Lifestyle

Sedentary lifestyle provokes changes in posture, as a result of which the angle of the pelvis increases, the muscles of the press relax, and the weight of the body is transferred to the lower back. The result is stretched abdominal muscles and chronic low back pain. In addition, low mobility disrupts blood circulation: the muscles of the press do not get enough oxygen and react worse to the load.

Special structure of the female body

In the lower part of the female abdomen, there is a special intraperitoneal fat, which is considered an internal organ. Its function is to protect the uterus during pregnancy. That is why the female tummy underneath is almost always smooth (without cubes) and slightly convex.

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