Eye Bag Causes and Natural Remedies


Puffiness is a complex problem. Bags under the eyes not only spoil the appearance of a person, but also signal about possible malfunctions in the work of internal organs. Therefore, before proceeding with the removal of bags under the eyes at home, you should deal with the physiological causes of the defect.

Causes for the formation of bags under the eyes

The most harmless reasons for the formation of bags under the eyes are overwork, lack of sleep, tension and fatigue of the eye muscles. Sometimes the basis for the occurrence of puffiness of the eyelids are more complex processes that are associated with the functioning of the hormonal, urinary systems, as well as with detrimental lesions of the body and the genetic predisposition of a person.

Causes of eye swelling:

  • age;
  • injuries
  • allergic reaction;
  • toxic lesions;
  • pathology of the kidneys;
  • eye infection
  • due to hormonal background;
  • heredity.

Subcutaneous epithelium in the lower eyelid region lacks collagen fibers, which are responsible for the flexibility of the skin. The skin under the eyes is almost every minute in motion when blinking and squinting. Such actions contribute to its stretching. Ultimately, cavities form under the eyes without the presence of subcutaneous fat. With age, interstitial and tissue fluids begin to accumulate.

Even the most minor injury can provoke an inflammatory process in the tissues. The liquid part of the blood in the form of plasma begins to flow into the intercellular space, causing swelling. A mild injury can maintain swelling for 2-3 weeks. With deeper damage to the eyes with a violation of the outflow of lymph, puffiness is treated for several months.

Individual intolerance to certain foreign particles causes an allergic reaction . Bags under the eyes cause allergen to enter the mucous membrane of the eye. The human body begins to instantly respond to an antigen – bacterial inflammation and edema occur in the subcutaneous region near the orbits.

The most common toxins that cause bags under the eyes include:

  • alcohol-containing drinks;
  • nicotine;
  • poor-quality cosmetics.

The components that enter into such substances negatively affect the skin, make the epidermis difficult to breathe, thereby stretching it and provoking the accumulation of fluid under the eyes.

It is mandatory to wash off the cosmetics before bedtime and do not apply in a plentiful layer, since the air exchange in the epidermis is disturbed.

The kidneys are responsible for the normal level of water-salt balance in the body and for the safe excretion of waste products. Improper functioning of the kidneys leads to the accumulation of fluid in the vessels and the subsequent release of the liquid part of the blood into the intercellular space. As a result, areas with extensive connective tissue – the eyelids, lips and cheekbones – suffer. With kidney disease, bags under the eyes are significantly expressed in the morning, and at the end of the day they begin to subside.

Infections, viruses and fungal pathologies can affect the membranes and structures of the eye – cornea, conjunctivitis, lacrimal system. They arise due to eye injuries, reduced immunity or due to close contact with a patient with an eye infection. Since the lower and upper eyelids have an increased tendency to accumulate interstitial fluid, this leads to a total closure of the palpebral fissure. The pathogenic process will continue until the pathogen is destroyed.

Barley, a bacterial lesion of the ciliary follicles, can also cause swelling of the eyelids.

In case of impaired functioning of the endocrine glands, the content of hormones in the blood may fluctuate. Variable hormonal levels lead to fluid accumulation, which often manifests itself in swelling of the face and eyelids. The hormonal cause of bags under the eyes is directly related to the menstrual cycle, thyroid hormone deficiency, and menopause.

It happens that men and women have a genetic predisposition to bags under the eyes. This may be due to an excess of fat in the subcutaneous tissue, which leads to the appearance of such a hereditary feature. As a rule, genetic heredity is not a threat to health. However, in order to verify this, it is still recommended to undergo an examination to exclude the likelihood of developing a pathology.

Disposal methods

In the presence of persistent puffiness of the eyelids, it is recommended to visit an ophthalmologist. The specialist will conduct a visual examination of the organs of vision, determine the areas of localization of inflammation and establish the severity. Swelling indicates an allergy. In this case, you will need to take allergy tests to identify the irritant. If pain occurs when touched, flushing of the skin, and body temperature rises – this indicates the presence of infection in the body. The most dangerous and serious are traumatic injuries of the organs of vision.

When an external examination of the patient does not allow to establish the exact cause of the appearance of bags under the eyes, the specialist applies a systematic diagnostic approach. The patient undergoes a clinical and general biochemical analysis of blood and urine. Undergoing hormonal examinations, and with severe renal failure, an ultrasound scan is performed. The therapeutic method for disposal of bags under the eyes will depend on the etiology of edema.

Methods for eliminating puffiness:

  • With age bags under the eyes, drugs are used that can increase the elasticity and firmness of the skin. Vitamin preparations and hyaluronic acid are also prescribed. The most cardinal method of getting rid of age bags under the eyes is cosmetic surgery;
  • The elimination of traumatic edema is carried out by means of anti-inflammatory drugs, antibiotics and painkillers. The maximum effect can be achieved by using heparin-based ointments, compresses using a solution of sodium sulfate;
  • Bags under the eyes caused by an allergic reaction are eliminated with antihistamines and corticosteroids. However, before taking the funds, it is required to identify the irritating factor and eliminate its contact with the body. Strongly expressed bags under the eyes against a background of allergies indicate the development of anaphylactic shock;
  • To get rid of edema with the detrimental effect of toxins, first of all, the intake of the poisonous component in the blood should be stopped. For example, give up bad habits – smoking, alcohol, from the use of low-quality cosmetics. In advanced cases, detoxification of the body is carried out. Medicinal solutions are infused intravenously or gastric lavage is performed.


eyebrow makeup

For treatment, not only medications can be used, you can get rid of bags under the eyes through folk recipes, as well as pharmacy ointments, creams, serums, etc.

When choosing a cosmetic product from bags under the eyes, pay attention to the following brands:

  • Premium (Russia);
  • Skin (Australia);
  • JabaLabs (USA).

Creams are suitable for daily use, at the same time they serve as an excellent preventive measure.

A pharmacy gel against edema under the eyes from a cosmetic cream has a more pleasant and aromatic consistency. Usually the gels are transparent, have a cooling effect, are quickly absorbed, without leaving shiny and oily circles under the eyes. The most popular gels are from manufacturers in Japan (Teana), Israel (GIGI) and France (Learac).

The mask from the bags under the eyes is best used in combination with a cream. She enhances its action. Make a mask 2-3 times a week. After regular use, you will notice that the skin has become firm and the mask nourishes sensitive and dehydrated skin. For these purposes, it is best to buy cosmetics from Twins Tech, Bailan and BelKosmex.

Experts say that the developed serums for fighting bags under the eyes are more effective than gels, masks and creams. They have not only cosmetological, but also healing effects. Serum restores the normal functioning of the subcutaneous glands, stabilizes the metabolism and promotes the regeneration of damaged cells. Use products from Markell, Dr. Brandr and Dr. Sea

It should be noted that all the other cosmetics from bags under the eyes that women use – proofreaders, concealers, foundation and powder have only a masking effect, but do not get rid of them. With regular use of cosmetics, without proper treatment, you only exacerbate the situation.

It was previously noted that bags under the eyes are only a symptom of the development of a certain disease. In this regard, therapy should be carried out comprehensively, that is, not only with the help of a cosmetologist, but also a therapist.

Pharmacy preparations:

  • Ointment “Troxevasin” – has an angioprotective effect, is intended to stabilize blood vessels. It is applied to the problem area twice a day for 10-15 days;
  • Pharmaceutical heparin ointment eliminates bags under the eyes by expanding capillaries. Due to this, the level of oxygen rises and the amount of nutrients entering the cells and epithelium increases. As a result, blood flow increases, the skin’s natural elasticity is restored. You can apply twice a day, but not more than 7 days;
  • Helps eliminate bags under the eyes of hyaluronic acid in liquid form. To do this, you need to add a small amount of acid to everyday cosmetics – ointments, creams, masks and serums.

The duration of the therapeutic course with pharmacy means directly depends on the skin condition and age category of the patient. It is possible to reduce edema with the help of drugs in one and a half to two weeks. However, the human body does not always respond positively to pharmacy products. Therefore, you can fight with bags under the eyes and folk remedies, prepared at home from natural ingredients.

Home Remedies

Popular and effective methods to combat puffiness are various compresses from natural products and herbs. Next, several folk recipes that contribute to the rapid elimination of eye sacs will be considered.

A simple recipe from ingredients that are always at hand is a compress of fresh cucumber or potatoes. A piece of fresh and cold product attach to the eye and lie in this position for about 15-20 minutes. Fresh cucumber can be grated on a coarse grater and mixed with chopped parsley. Place the resulting mixture in a gauze cloth, cool and apply to the eye area for 7-10 minutes. The skin becomes toned and supple. A mask of cucumber and green tea tones and soothes the skin. In all recipes, an alternative to fresh cucumber can be potatoes.

Herb compress:

  • Sage broth . Pour 1 tablespoon of raw materials with a glass of boiling water. Allow the medicinal broth to infuse for an hour, then soak a cotton pad in the mixture and attach to the eye. The procedure is performed before bedtime. To get rid of bags under the eyes, hold the compress for 10-15 minutes. After that, apply a moisturizer to the area;
  • Infusion of fresh birch leaves . To prepare the mixture, you need one tablespoon. pour boiling water on the leaves and let it brew for 20 minutes. Strain the infusion and cool;
  • Compresses against bags under the eyes of chamomile and linden flowers . Herbs are mixed in a one to one ratio and poured with boiling water. The infusion is filtered and cooled. It is applied for about 15 minutes. The anti-inflammatory properties of medicinal herbs eliminate not only the bags under the eyes, but also bruises and redness;
  • Aloe juice . Finely chop the leaves of the plant and wrap in gauze. A compress is applied for 7-10 minutes, then the remains of lotions are washed off with cold water, and a day cream is applied.

Compresses from green and black tea are considered express means to get rid of bags under the eyes. The chemical composition of tea includes tannins and caffeine, which help get rid of bags under the eyes, narrowing blood vessels. Pour boiling water over 2 tea bags with green or black tea, let them cool slightly so as not to burn themselves. Apply on closed eyes for 15 minutes. It is extremely important to use natural varieties of tea, without unnecessary additives and flavorings.

Herbal medicine is considered the best remedy for bags under the eyes. The healing properties of herbs favorably affect the skin of the face, quickly and easily relieve swelling, bruising, and also return the skin to a healthy appearance.

Salon treatments

Modern technologies in the field of cosmetology allow you to quickly remove infraorbital bags, improve skin condition and smooth wrinkles.

Lymphatic drainage – artificial stimulation of lymph outflows from the vessels of the eye. This helps to reduce swelling and improve the condition of the epidermis. The procedure is carried out in combination with the application of nutritious and anti-aging creams and masks. To achieve the result, a single lymphatic drainage procedure will not be enough. Beauticians recommend at least 6 sessions.

Electrical stimulation – exposure to skin cells with low-frequency currents, thereby toning small muscles. Helps to tone and eliminate fluid buildup.

Mesotherapy – the introduction under the skin of a complex of substances that help accelerate skin regeneration. Mesotherapy helps to get rid of bags under the eyes and increases the elasticity of the dermis.

Darsonvalization is an auxiliary stimulation of the skin with alternating current to improve the outflow of lymph and venous blood.

If cosmetic procedures do not help, blepharoplasty is offered to the patient to remove bags under the eyes. The operation involves the removal of sagging tissue together with subcutaneous tissue. After healing, no traces or scars remain under the eyes. Laser and endoscopic blepharoplasty is considered less traumatic. Such procedures do not require incisions, are better tolerated by patients and practically do not cause complications.

Massage and Exercises

Safely remove bags under the eyes will help special exercises. Exercises on average do not take more than five minutes. The effect is noticeable after 2 weeks of regular execution.


  • Close your eyes tightly, then swing them wide and wide. Do this 10 times in a row;
  • Blink quickly with a score of up to 10 for 3 sets;
  • Stretch straight, without turning your head, look left, then up, right and down. Take 2 such approaches, then repeat the exercise counterclockwise;
  • Close your eyes slowly for 10 seconds, then open them wide and look up for 10 seconds without moving your head. Then look at some distant point. Repeat the exercise several times;
  • Watch your eyes for the movement of the index finger. First, bring it to the temple, then gently touch the nose bridge. 10 repetitions of three sets.

After doing the gymnastics, give your eyes a little rest – do not strain them. To enhance the effect, exercises can be supplemented with special massages. Pat the lower eyelid gently with your fingertips from the outer corner to the inside. Be sure to use a light moisturizer or any essential extract.

Massage with spoons,  which requires not ordinary, but silver spoons. Cool spoons and attach to sore spots. To begin, simply touch the eyelids, then lightly press them and make a few circular movements. When cooling the spoons, you will need to cool them again – dip them in a container with cold water or ice. Massage is not able to harm your skin, respectively, the procedure can be performed several times a day.


So that the skin remains as young as possible, and bags, dark circles and swelling do not appear under the eyes, it is enough to observe a few simple but important rules:

  • Eat right – limit the use of salty, smoked, spicy dishes in your daily diet, it is they that hold water in the body, including in the eye area. Use more vitamin B5 – dairy products, eggs, green vegetables, hazelnuts, buckwheat;
  • Do not abuse facial moisturizers. Moisture is quickly absorbed into the skin, thereby creating unnecessary “depot” of fluid;
  • Get enough sleep. A full and healthy 8-hour sleep will help get rid of bags. Pay attention to the pose in which you are sleeping. Experts recommend sleeping on your back. To remove bags under the eyes, the pillow should be low and flat;
  • Do not neglect drinking regimen. On average, a person should consume 2-3 liters daily. To get rid of the bags, you need to drink water during the day, and not in the evening;
  • If your work is connected with a computer – take 15-minute breaks;
  • Choose the right makeup. All cosmetics should be selected taking into account the individual characteristics of the skin and age. Before use, do not be too lazy to read the attached instructions, clearly follow the instructions. In addition, for the care of the skin around the eyes, you need to choose special creams and apply them with a very thin layer.

There are many effective methods among the people how to remove bags under the eyes at home. Before using them, you should identify and eliminate the cause of the appearance of puffiness.

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