Fasting Therapy & Its Health Benefits


fasting therapyFasting therapy is mainly for some periods of time to abstain from some or all foods, drinks, or both. Fasting is a popular ancient alternative therapy of India to keep the body healthy by giving rest to our stomach organs while giving time to our body to totally flush out toxins.

Fasting can be complete, may be partial and long, or it may be intermittent in some periods. A fasting remedy is an important tool for health conservation. In fasting, mental preparation is a necessary precondition. Long-term fasting should be done only under the supervision of a competent naturopath.

Types of Fasting

The period of fast depends on the age of the patient, the nature of the disease and the type of medicines already used. Sometimes it is advisable to start a series of fasting for two or three days and gradually increase the duration of fasting from one or two days. There will be no harm to the patient who is fasting, provided that he is resting and caring for a suitable professional.

Fasting can happen with water, juice, or raw vegetable juice. The best, safest, and most effective method is fasting with lemon juice. During fasting, the body removes a heavy amount of waste from the burn. We can help in this cleaning process by drinking alkaline juice. Sugar in the juice strengthens the heart, so fasting by juice, its best way.

All the juices should be prepared with fresh fruit immediately before drinking it. Canned or frozen juice must not be used. There is a precautionary measure, which should be done in all cases of fasting to clear the intestine completely at the onset of fasting by the enemas so that the patient does not have problems with the decomposition of the remaining waste in the gas or component body.

During fasting, total fluid intake should be about six to eight glasses. During fasting, excess energy is spent in the process of destroying accumulated poison and toxic waste materials in the body. It is therefore of great importance that during the fasting, the patient will receive maximum possible physical and mental rest.

The success of fasting depends largely on how it is broken. The main rules for breaking fast are:

  • Do not eat more than you need,
  • Chew the food slowly
  • Eat many days for gradual change for normal diet.

Physical benefits and effects of fasting

In history, practitioners of most cultures have recommended fasting for various conditions from ancient to modern times. Though the study of earlier observations was done without scientific method or understanding, they still say about fasting as a therapeutic means. Earlier observations were based on animal behavior but today they are based on the physiology of animals. In this article, we will try to consider how fast can be useful in promoting the health of people through the review of the literature describing the physical and metabolic benefits.

The most prominent among the health benefits received by fasting (calorie control and intermittent fasting) is the following:

  • Increase in insulin sensitivity,
  • resulting in decreased levels of plasma glucose
  • improved insulin concentrations
  • improves glucose tolerance.

Gross and cellular physiological activity are very much influenced by the restriction of both calories (CR) or intermittent fasting exercises (IR). In terms of gross physiology, there is a significant reduction in body fat and mass, which contributes to a healthy cardiovascular system and reduces the incidence of myocardial infarction.

Apart from the protection of the heart, more tolerance of stress in the liver will be induced, which is the nutritional core of Homo sapiens. Alternative energy stores like the ketone body (such as β-hydroxibuaterate) make Homo sapiens capable of the additional surplus of life. (INS) Increased sensitivity towards insulin and glucose reduces excessive and harmful blood glucose and is used as an energy source.


If you have never fasted before, then start with partial fasting for one meal only, once a week. Once your body starts adapting to fasting , you will be able to fast for a whole day and reap optimum health benefits.

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