Female Habits That Men Do Not Like


woman punching a manWomen try to be beautiful, well-groomed and on what procedures just do not go, just to look dazzling. Nevertheless, there are things that men do not understand, moreover – they would like to eradicate them. Therefore, in the article we made a selection of female habits that men do not like.

A reminder of male origin for selfish purposes

Sometimes girls hear “Buy me a cosmetic lacquer with a pearl luster.” On your attempt to avoid such a fate, she uses a trump card: “After all, you’re a man!”. Of course, there are things that it is for men to deal with a person – to repair a rosette, to move furniture, to buy weapons for hunting. But running around the women’s cosmetics shops is clearly not a masculine proxy.

Men consider invocations to the masculine origin as unconvincing manipulation and are good at distinguishing when women really need help, and when it’s just a whim.

It’s cold, it’s hot

A couple of minutes ago it was stuffy. But after you got up from the cozy sofa and opened the window, it became very cold and she began to ask the window with a plaintive voice, so it is harmful to supercool her. But you are sure that as soon as you close it, it will be stifling again, and again you are extreme.

Such girls here have difficulties with the perception of the temperature regime.

Talking after sex

Even scientists have more than once been proved that almost 80% of the male representatives  fall asleep right after the sexual intercourse. Blame the whole hormone, responsible for the strength of muscles, the level of which sharply decreases after the onset of orgasm. Therefore, men and sleepy after sex.

Girls, in turn, after intimate closeness also want a spiritual rapprochement. And during this period they remain energetic and vigorous.

Questions about the former

There is a legend that there are girls who have never been interested in their former men.
First, she bores questions about your past relationships, you leave the question for a while, but then you give in and tell me some nuances. However, her reaction is often completely unexpected. The girl darkens, for some time goes into herself, and then from time to time mentions in your conversations your former passion, not in your favor, with which you have not even spoken for a long time.

Fortune telling, horoscopes

One day, coming home from work, you find her in tears. Scrolling even the most terrible options, you run to comfort her … But after finding out the reason, you fall into a stupor. It turned out that the horoscope predicts parting with a loved one, and she has actually put a cross on the relationship.

The fascination with supernaturals is generally perceived as a odd habit. We are not saying astrology, horoscope doesn’t work but you need to find out whether your partner has any interest in it at all or not. And if not, then you better avoid this talk if he seems totally dis-interested in this.

Attempts to become your cosmetologist

Of course, almost all men like it when gentle women’s hands make them a relaxing massage. But there are completely opposite feelings when she tries to press hard on your acne or worse – pull out of the nose hair. Still, some girls strive to try a new mask for the face or a cream on men. However, not every male representative is ready for such experiments.

Likes to find out the relationship before an important event

On the day of the important event, you are almost ready to leave the house, and then she thought that you were too cold today or she remembered that you did not give her flowers for a long time and started: “You’ve grown cold!”, “You’ve got me you do not love! “. And you’re just puzzled by the current troubles. As a result, she comes to the holiday tearfully and looks reproachfully at you. In the worst case, you stay at home with a completely spoiled mood and nerves.

The desire to keep everything under control

In any relationship, there comes a time when the girl starts to encroach on the freedom of her lover and try to take everything under control. And this applies to all spheres of life – order in the house (everything should have its place), appearance (“Take it off, put it on this!”), Meetings with friends (“Who was and what did you talk about?”), Your location (in all messengers on the smartphone, the geo-position function is activated). As a result, such total control can lead to disastrous consequences.

Too vulnerable and feminine

It’s not about her being a Stallone in a skirt. But not to the face of girls squealing and fainting at the sight of a frog or a bug. Also annoying is excessive lisping with animals, small children, and, of course, with men. Phrases like: “You’re my little cutie!” It’s better not to say anything at all, under any circumstances.
Too often do selfies.

On her phone, there are thousands of pictures in the style of Selfie – and this is not the limit! She is photographed literally everywhere – at home, in the elevator, on the street, in the car, in a restaurant, on a walk, at a party, in a beauty salon, in a changing room … So, narcissism is an integral part of a woman’s essence. However, men, with their constructive thinking, such actions are considered inexpedient and devoid of any meaning. Therefore on this ground there can be disagreements.

The result

Real men appreciate and respect what girls give them, how they try to look good, prepare, joke, and show it. But still, I would like to see in the eyes of the men looked like fairies without the habits listed.

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