First Aid Kit for Children : What should you bring


Until you have a child at home, you do not realize how important it is to have a complete first-aid kit at home, because children always tend to have accidents , and we must be prepared to be able to assist them at all times, be it for those small wounds that do not need more than a couple of bandages, or to make a first cure of the most important wounds before running to the nearest emergency hospital.first aid kit

first aid kit is also the best place to keep all the medicines that should not be left to the little ones. In this way, by having them all together in a secure place, we prevent them from accessing them and getting hurt by taking something they should not.

But today in particular we are going to see what we should have in a baby kit and a first aid kit for children’s first aid; all the tools you need to have in the medicine cabinet at home to be prepared for what might happen.

Take note, and prepare yours so that no accident will catch you unawares, because when anything happens, you’ll appreciate having everything so close at hand and having been able to act fast.

First aid kit at home

Before seeing the contents of the kit that we need to have at home for any emergency , it is very important to find the most suitable place to place it, as well as other aspects that we must not forget.

It is very important that we use as a kit any box that has a hermetic seal that is not easy to open by children, and that is also easily transportable to be able to take it anywhere in the house when there is an emergency.

The emergency kit for children will be placed in a safe place out of reach of children , away from any source of heat, and always in a cool and dry place. We must review from time to time the expiration date of the products it contains, whether it is a medicine for occasional use, creams and liquids for the cures.

And now that we know all the details of the placement of our basic kit for children, we will see exactly what a first aid kit should contain so that we do not miss anything in our house if we need to do any cure or intervention easy in a domestic accident with children.

What should a first aid kit contain at home?

Any kit for children and adults should have the following basic materials to make first cures at home:

  • Protective mask
  • Alcohol-free wipes
  • Single-use latex gloves
  • Physiological serum in individual containers
  • Sterile gauze
  • Cotton
  • Hypoallergenic plaster
  • Band-Aids
  • Analgesics and antipyretics
  • Antiseptics: alcohol and chlorhexidine (It may also include iodine and hydrogen peroxide)
  • Round tip scissors
  • Tweezers
  • Thermometer
  • Thermal cold bags
  • Flashlight with replacement batteries

And now that we have prepared our first aid kit for babies and children, we just have to give it the correct use when any type of accident occurs at home. Of course, in the case of an accident more serious than a simple cut or a slight burn, in the case of children it is important to go to the doctor after having made a first cure at home.

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