14 Flirting Signs Men Give


Sometimes men behave so strangely that it is rather difficult to understand who is flirting with you, and who simply expresses friendliness. Especially if you’re not very good at reading signals and hints.man looking at a woman

Once you learn to identify the hidden signs of male flirting, you’ll understand if he’s just a good friend or crazy about you.

We have prepared 14 key flirting signs  to determine if a guy is flirting with you.

1. His eyes do not lie

Are you turning around and catching this look? His eyes seem to accompany you everywhere.

2. He’s trying to touch you.

He feels the need to touch you. Even if it is expressed in a friendly patting of the shoulder or an innocent touch to the hand, it means that it is extremely pleased to be there.

3. He’s follows you.

Should you just mention that you’re going to an event, how does a guy appear there? Does he keep on talking all the time with you?

It only says that he is making the maximum amount of effort to be closer to you.

4. He talks about you to your mutual friends

You constantly hear about what the guy said about you from the company of your friends. It is a signal that you are always in his thoughts.

5. He laughs at all your jokes

Can you tell the oldest and most ridiculous anecdote, but will he still laugh? He just wants to impress you.

6. He looks at your lips.

One of the most honest signs. If during a conversation you understand that he is watching the movement of your lips, know, he is thinking about your kiss or about being close to you.

7. He teases you

You know that if a boy pulls a girl for eg: for pigtails, it’s only from great love? In adulthood, it works the same way.

Only from indifference to you, he continues to tease you.

8. He writes you drunk at 3 o’clock in the morning

Do you get his drunken night sms? It’s flirting, definitely.

The text does not need to contain a call for intimacy, no. Perhaps it is important for him to know how your day went and how you are doing.

9. He sends you some hidden compliments

He is probably too shy to do it openly. He can supposedly casually note that you look good, and the next second to continue talking about something insignificant.

10. He finds a thousand reasons to talk

From time to time he just asks obvious questions just to enjoy the conversation with you again.

11. He smiles constantly.

When he sees you, he glows not only from the outside but also from the inside. It seems, he just radiates happiness with his whole appearance.

12. He’s nervous around you

Sometimes a guy can forget how to build the most simple sentence, can get confused in easy words. His heightened nervousness is a sign that he is afraid of making a wrong impression on you.

13. He looks in your eyes

His eyes seem to pierce through you. An eye contact for more than 10 seconds means that you have completely occupied his consciousness.

14. He can not sit still

The guy is constantly playing with his hair, stepping from foot to foot or reflexively repeating your movements. This is one way to tune in to one wave with you.

You can regard this as a manifestation of male coquetry.

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