Foods To Avoid With Enlarged Prostate


The prostate is a glandular organ of the male reproductive system that must receive special care in particular when reaching old age, where you must maintain a correct diet with frequent exercise to maintain the health of it.

Next, we will mention some foods that you should not eat if you have inflamed the prostate or you want to avoid possible inflammations.foods-to-avoid

1.Red and processed meats

Consuming red meat, and also processed, in excessive amounts is not healthy and greatly increases the danger of having prostate cancer. There are studies that show that men who ate more red meat were 12% more likely to develop prostate cancer and 33% more likely to have advanced cancer, than those who ate less red meat.

2.Non-organic meat

The non-organic meat is what you can mostly find in the markets, and its preparation may include the use of hormones, antibiotics, and steroids in large quantities. It is suggested to eat organic meat to avoid the additives that this type of meat has and that can have a negative impact on the prostate and on health in general.

3.Calcium and dairy foods

The majority of the population is lactose intolerant without knowing it, precisely a protein of milk, casein, is what prevents us from absorbing the calcium in the milk. This happens because when consuming animal proteins the pH of the blood becomes acidic and the organism, as a reaction, extracts part of the calcium that we have in the bones in order to neutralize that acidity. There are studies that explain that the excessive consumption of calcium can cause a high risk of prostate cancer.

4.Microwave popcorn

Popcorn has a great source of fiber as long as it is natural since those that are instant like those of microwaves are not advisable by the chemists present in their bags and the fat with which they are prepared. These items have been linked to cancer in tests on laboratory animals.

5.Canned tomatoes Products

The lycopene antioxidant of tomato is fixed in the tissues of the prostate and prevents the presence of malignant cells. Its consumption decreases the risk factor in cardiovascular diseases, especially in women. For its water content, the tomato moisturizes the skin and rejuvenates it. But on the contrary, it is suggested to avoid at all costs packaged or preserved tomatoes since they have a high-grade bisphenol which is associated with different types of cancer and serious health problems.

6. Non-Organic Potatoes

Excessive use of chemical pesticides in potato crops is increasing in developing countries, as farmers intensify production and begin to produce in areas and seasons that are not the traditional ones of this crop. Chemicals are often very toxic and are applied with insufficient or no protective equipment. So we suggest buying organic potatoes.


French fries, both homemade and bagged, contain a lot of saturated fat and salt. In addition, fried potatoes (both homemade and bag) could contain a carcinogenic substance called glycidamide, which is generated in the preparation of fried at high temperatures.

8.Artificial sweeteners

Artificial sweeteners are present in a large amount of food commonly consumed among the population. At present, it is common to use different chemical substances as a substitute for sugar, which can cause allergic reactions and in some cases cancer.

9.Farmed salmon

Only wild salmon have pink (or orange) flesh, and it is due to a diet rich in crustaceans. When they come from fish farms, their flesh is pale gray, so fish farmers add a food supplement to the animals’ diet. That supplement dyes its flesh the same color as wild specimens. This supplement is called astaxanthin combined with this also in most cases have high levels of contaminants.


This food in addition to providing many calories is for many researchers the main driver for the increase in cancer cells. Avoid the consumption of sugar as much as possible.

If you want to keep your health and your prostate healthy, we recommend not eating these foods, although you should not torture yourself if you ever eat them or even if you feel like it. The really important thing is that you remove the really harmful elements from your diet and that you eat healthy in most of your meals.

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