7 Foods To Help Reduce Blood Pressure in 15 Days


For the treatment of hypertension, it is necessary to refrain from bad habits (for example, smoking) and closely monitor your diet. It is recommended to include in your diet foods that stimulate the elimination of toxins.high blood pressure

As you know, blood pressure can increase for many reasons. Nutrition plays an important role in the development of hypertension. For this reason, if you want to reduce blood pressure and keep it normal, you need to carefully approach the choice of food.

The health of our cardiovascular system depends on us , one of the main enemies of which is high blood pressure. Unfortunately, very often we do not pay enough attention to hypertension and its dangerous symptoms.

However, it is never too late to take the first step: change your habits, begin to struggle with a sedentary lifestyle, become more active, save yourself from stress, stop smoking and start taking care of your diet.

We also recommend that you give up salt and include in your diet 7 foods , which will be discussed below.

If, in addition to this, you will pay due attention to physical exercise, we assure you that in 15 days you will be able  to reduce blood pressure and normalize your condition.

1. Beet

Beet contains nitrates and nitrites – substances that are involved in our metabolism. They also allow you to regulate blood pressure.

  • Nitric acid improves the ability of our arteries to expand . That is why food containing nitrates is so beneficial for our cardiovascular system.
  • Beetroot can be considered a real find. It is an indispensable element of diets for normalizing blood pressure.

Use beetroot when preparing salads and juices, combining it with other fruits, such as apples and grapes. You will see that such dishes will delight you with their taste.

2. Garlic

raw garlicA curious fact: before use in cooking, garlic served people as a medicine.

  • Thus, in ancient Greece, crushed or crushed garlic was used to treat wounds and stabilize blood pressure.
  • It is also necessary to remember that garlic can reduce the level of cholesterol in the blood . These are low density lipoproteins ( LDL ), which are so detrimental to the health of our arteries. Hence, it is easy to conclude that garlic is a necessary product for our health.

It is recommended to eat garlic every day . Better to do it on an empty stomach.

3. Omega-3 fatty acidsfish oil OMEGA-3

The oils contained in fish and avocado, as well as olive oil contain a large amount of omega-3 fatty acids.

This type of natural fat is very good for the heart.

  • Due to the omega-3, the vessels become stronger and more resilient, and the blood circulation improves. This reduces blood pressure and is an excellent prevention of hypertension.
  • It is recommended to eat salmon for dinner, use flaxseed or olive oil for salad dressing, and include a small handful of walnuts in your breakfast.

4. Curly Kale

This cabbage has a specific taste and needs to be chewed thoroughly, so not every one of us has a taste for it. Despite this, it is recommended to eat curly kale once a week.

  • Cabbage can be considered a real “superfood”. It contains more vitamins, minerals and antioxidants than spinach.
  • The ability of this vegetable to reduce blood pressure due to the content of such trace elements as magnesium, potassium and vitamin C.
  • All of these components help us cope with high blood pressure.

5. Oats will help lower blood pressure


These amazing cereals are a rich source of fiber and contain low amounts of fat and sodium. As you know, the latter contributes to high blood pressure.

  • It is recommended to eat oats daily and use oatmeal. So, you can eat oatmeal for breakfast or make bread and cookies made from oatmeal.
  • Oat goes well with honey, fruit and berries.

6. BananasBanana

In total, only one banana contains a huge amount of potassium. If you eat one banana every day, you can cover the daily need of our body  for this mineral by 10% .

  • As you know, potassium is necessary for good kidney function.
  • If sodium causes inflammation and fluid retention , then potassium, by contrast, normalizes our blood circulation. Potassium also has diuretic properties.
    In addition, bananas are good sources of energy. Is this not a reason to eat more often?

7. Natural Yoghurtyogurt-curd

Yogurt contains calcium and probiotics – components that are ideal for treating hypertension.

  • Calcium deficiency quickly leads to an increase in blood pressure.The inclusion of natural yogurt in the diet helps us quickly and simply fill the need of our body in this mineral. Also do not forget about the probiotics contained in yogurt.
  • It should be borne in mind that a healthy intestinal bacterial microflora allows the body to better absorb nutrients and purify the blood of toxins. As a result, blood circulation improves.

Try to carefully follow these tips, and after 15 days you will notice the first results.

Include these products in your diet and do not forget about regular medical examinations that allow you to quickly detect hypertension.hypertension.

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