Foods To Avoid On Empty Stomach In Morning


foods-to-avoid-empty-stomacThere are many foods that otherwise are known for nutritional value ,but are best avoided on empty stomach. TIt turns out that even such absolute champions of usefulness as fruits and vegetables, and equally healthy bran of oatmeal, eaten immediately after awakening, can spoil the “mood” of the stomach for the whole day! Why is it that does not yet have to be eaten on an empty stomach and how to level out or reduce the harmfulness of foods loved by many.

1.Cold Water

Water below room temperature will narrow the blood vessels of the digestive tract , and the subsequent digestion of breakfast will be difficult. A poorly digested food (if the “cold shower” for the intestinal tract in the morning regular) – this is a condition for increasing the level of toxins in the blood. Instead, drink plain warm water – slowly, in small sips, stretching a glass of water for at least a couple of minutes.

2.Coffee and Tea

Coffe and tea on empty stomach increases the secretion of gastric juice, which will cause heartburn, and in the presence of gastritis – will exacerbate it.

Another property of coffee is the stimulation of bile excretion into the duodenum. But why bile there in the absence of food? This threatens duodenitis – inflammation of the duodenal ulcer, because bile will enter the empty bowel and irritate its walls.
So take a cookie or snack before sipping tea / coffee.

3.Cold Drinks

Although cold drinks are harmful by nature they are especially problematic if taken on empty stomach. The same effect will have mineral water with carbon dioxide, moreover, gases irritate the gastric mucosa. It also damages intestines


4. Chocolate

When we eat Chocolate on empty stomach a high amount of fat and bright taste, the stomach releases a large number of gastrointestinal juices. But at the same time, there is nothing to digest, and as a consequence, pancreatic enzymes “eat” themselves, which leads to edema and inflammation of this organ. Chocolate can be eaten after eating, in the morning, no more than six tile squares per day.

5. Smoked and semi-smoked Sausages

The morning of many busy people begins with a sandwich with smoked or semi-smoked sausage. If you take out the brackets of salt, trans fats, starches and E-additives as a part of sausage products (adding liver work to remove this chemistry), then in such products there is one more harmful – histamine. If regularly eaten on an empty stomach, it causes the development of inflammatory reactions, then there is an allergy.
Bran oatmeal – the road to anemia, constipation, and dehydration

6. Bran

Regular consumption of bran on an empty stomach can lead to iron deficiency anemia. A phytic acid in the composition of bran interferes with the absorption of calcium.
But since the bran works on the principle of sorbents, and, when swollen in the stomach, they give a sense of satiety, they can be used to cleanse the body and to reduce weight : no longer than 14 days (up to 1 tablespoon a day) and with other food .

7. Fresh fruits and vegetables

Morning, started with fresh vegetables and fruits like banana, citrus fruits as an independent dish, is fraught with irritation of the mucous membranes of the stomach, intestines and the appearance of swelling in it, which can persist for half a day. The perpetrators are organic acids (which for a hungry stomach is almost the same as for vinegar) and coarse fiber in natural vitamins.

Fruits and vegetables can be eaten for lunch or at first, but along with cereals or cottage cheese, and between meals: 40 minutes before or 1.5 hours after.

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