How Do Our Friends Influence Our Health?


With friends, they go out to eat, go for a walk, play at the park, go to the bar, go to the movies, go for pizzas, cakes, hamburgers or tacos, do basketball games, go to a concert, go to the beach, stay at play video games … etc. With friends you can do many things, therefore it would be a very big lie to say or ensure that they do not influence your health at all.socializing

You may think “they respect my meals”, but undoubtedly the activities you do with them require physical effort.

And although they have not been out for a long time, are present in your mind, that huge store of memories, emotions, hard data and emotional ties that make you somehow connected with that person.

Those who have close friends can be sure that they have reduced blood pressure and cholesterol. Salud y Amistad tells us that having good friends helps longevity. If you want to live longer and do not count good friends … well … It’s time to begin to strengthen the ties that bind us to the few friends we have left!

According to research carried out in Australia, people who have an extensive network of friends (we do not refer to social networks) live longer than “loners”, surpassing life expectancy by 22%.

You do not need to be an Australian researcher to know that friends affect our decisions and many of our behaviors. They advise us and talk a lot with us, from these conversations we extract what works for us or what we found interesting.

Try to surround yourself with people who bring you positive things, or better yet, contribute your ideas to help your friends. Invite them to run to the park, to exercise, invite them to read a book or read with them a health article published in Ideas that Help dot com, or sign up with them (them) to vegetarian food classes. In short, you can do a lot of good to your loved ones.

Not having friends is as bad for your health as smoking. “The lack of social relationships is equivalent to smoking more than 15 cigarettes a day,” said co-author of the investigation Julianne Holt-Lunstad.

Having little social interaction is more risky than not exercising or being an alcoholic, it is twice as dangerous as obesity. The lack of friendships has more impact on premature death than pollutants in the environment.

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