20 Habits To Make You Smarter


According to Wikipedia, intelligence is the ability to think, understand, assimilate, elaborate information and use the use of logic. We would all like to be a bit smarter and luckily there are habits that help us improve our intelligence day after day. In this article we see some of the most effective.

20 Habits To Make You Smartercurly hair smart girl

  1. Read a chapter of a book a day.
  2. Read the newspaper.
  3. Think every day of an idea that helps improve the planet.
  4. Watch educational videos like those of the TED talks.
  5. Discuss interesting topics with other people
  6. Learn a language.
  7. Sign up for an online course.
  8. Get out of your comfort zone.
  9. Play board games.
  10. Play video games.
  11. Write a little each day.
  12. Learn to play an instrument.
  13. Read specialized blog articles.
  14. Find yourself a productive hobby.
  15. Learn a word every day.
  16. Meet new people.
  17. do exercise.
  18. Watch your diet.
  19. Take some time to meditate.
  20. Follow a constant sleep schedule.

Of course it is not necessary that every day you follow these habits to be more intelligent, you must find a combination that is pleasant and interesting and little by little put you to work on it. What else do you do to improve your intelligence? Leave us a comment!

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