5 Habits For A Slender Body & Weight Loss


weight-lossEvery woman is chasing a beautiful body. Some get a slender body with little effort, while for most women need to make a lot of effort to achieve the desired shape. Sport, proper nutrition, healthy lifestyle – all this is good, but there must be developed habits that will help you to lose weight efficiently and not be afraid that the departed kilograms one day return to the old place.

    • Proper Sleep is a Recovery. Get in the habit of going to bed at about the same time, then the morning rises will not become so painful, you will have enough strength for gymnastics, and hunger for the day will bother much less.
    • Do not be lazy to do uncomplicated exercises every morning. First, it disciplines. Secondly, it accelerates the metabolism. Thirdly, gives vivacity, strength, and energy for the whole day.
    • Take the rule once a week to arrange a day off for yourself. For example, eat exclusively cottage cheese and green tea. It is useful for digestion and helps detoxify the body.
    • Another vital principle of proper nutrition – you need to eat every 2.5-3 hours. Small intervals between meals will not allow you to get hungry badly and afterward, you will not “starve” the hunger with harmful snacks, and a little portion will be enough for lunch. Also, frequent meals accelerate metabolism, and this leads to weight loss without much effort.
    • All sweet, flour and sugar can be taken up to 12 o’clock in the afternoon. This applies not only to confectionery but also fruit. Before lunch, your metabolism is as fast as possible, because it easily “recycles” all simple carbohydrates. Eating sweets in the morning, you are freed from the desire to eat delicious before going to bed. And extra calories per day burned and do not settle in centimeters on the waist and hips.

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