Healing Qualities Of Lemon Juice


lemon water recipeThe lemon is the quintessential citrus that helps fight more than 200 diseases. The spectrum covered by the lemon is broad

If they knew all the healing qualities of lemon, people would drink more of their juice and use it more frequently in their diet.

Usually, we use the juice more than the fruit in its entirety, it is also more pleasant. Although there are people, who enjoy eating the whole lemon. It’s a matter of taste.

Effectively naturally fights many diseases, but it is convenient to observe that when a lemon cure is carried out, a healthy life must be maintained and natural foods must be eaten. Then the cure will be successful.

All foreign substances and noxious that are housed in the body will be eradicated through the intake of lemon, as the effect produced by its juice is completely detoxifying and purifying. The lemon fights the impurities of the blood by leveling in a natural and implacable way the regular functioning of the organs. It can dissolve hard substances lodged in the organs and that cause pains and diseases difficult to cure.

The buildup of foreign substances in the body causes acidification and corrupts the normal functioning of it, so that the lemon is an excellent regulator in many cases of diseases. In addition, the lemon is terribly effective against microbes and certain viruses. There is still much to discover about lemon juice to treat stubborn diseases, because in combination with other healing substances, lemon could be very helpful.

It is convenient and smart to make a cure of lemons once a year, to guard against diseases. What is important is that once a lemons cure is made, abstain for a time from consuming them again, because their action is very powerful and continuous. So it is essential to know how to mark the limit of the cure with lemons.

The lemon destroys the microbes in a few minutes, so it is recognized in this fruit a very high bactericidal power. At present, ascorbic acid is present in various medications, due to its proven effectiveness in keeping the immune system high. In addition, it is the lemon that concentrates a lot of vitamin C, so necessary in times of cold against colds and rheumatic diseases. Other fruits contain a high percentage of vitamin C, such as kiwi, but lemon has certain substances that make its juice an ideal and fantastic supplement for the treatment of these diseases.

Formerly, the lemon was used for healing wounds from the war, wrapping the wound with gauze soaked in lemon juice, in addition, the patient had to consume enough lemon juice to help the cure. Of course, this is not necessary at present since these are isolated and painful forms, but it can be illustrated to demonstrate the effectiveness of lemon juice.

Healing Properties of Lemon


In any part of the body where the toxins are found, whether in the blood, in the organs, in the tissues, the lemon, once ingested, comes to combat them, dissolving their accumulations and expelling them.

In cases of gastrointestinal poisoning from eating bad food or poorly combining foods or heavy digestion and discomfort of the liver and gallbladder, the lemon acts normalizing the altered functions, neutralizing the toxins and helping in their elimination, is the best protector against diseases infectious

In cases of fever helps to eliminate it, oxidizing and excreting toxic substances that have not been properly neutralized and eliminated, except rheumatic fever.

The lemon is good in cases of hypertension, arteriosclerosis and cardiovascular diseases because it activates circulation. In cases of diabetes, it helps to avoid complications related to the arteries, and prevents the formation of kidney stones and can slowly dissolve them.

Like any medicine, its consumption is directly linked to the physical conditions of each person, because although it is a great ally of health, its consumption should also be restricted to particularized situations, which an individual may be suffering, in such cases its consumption not indicated.

It is contraindicated in cases of demineralization, decalcification, anemia, rickets, the fragility of the bones, inflammation of the gums, loose and very decayed teeth, sores in the mouth and throat. Also in cracks in the tongue, skin wounds, old age or children weak, insomnia, acidosis, sensitivity to acids, chronic constipation, inflammation of the prostate, inflammation of the womb, bladder or esophagus.

lemon water

Within citrus, several fruits have characteristics similar to lemons, such as grapefruit, lime, and grapefruit.

The amount to consume depends on each person and its organic constitution, for example, people of strong composition tolerate it more than the elderly and children, the obese more than the thin ones, and more in summer than in winter, because the cold slows down its elimination through the skin.

Depending on these factors, you can get to take from small doses of juice to half a lemon and get to drink the juice of three daily lemons those people who tolerate it well.

The lemon is the champion among the curative, preventive and vitamin-rich fruits, because it is a great toxin eliminator and a powerful bactericide.

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