Health Benefits Of Eating 2 Slices Of Pineapple Daily 4/5 (1)


pineapple-slicesPineapple, a delicious gift of nature, has properties that help the body to function better, both the digestive system, respiratory and cardiovascular make profits with just two slices a day.

The ideal daily dose is estimated in 12 pieces or two slices, this helps to prevent diseases and all these amazing benefits:

1. Reduces Inflammation of Organs

The pineapple contains bromelain, this substance optimizes intestine, colon and therefore lights a flat stomach. It also reduces pain, swelling and wound healing.

2. Improves Digestion

The juice of pineapple and its fiber, streamline the digestive process, thereby helping to prevent stomach inflammation and constipation.

Take into account that the acidity of the pineapple increases gastric juice, if you have gastritis or ulcer diagnosed, you should moderate consumption.

3. Strengthens Heart

Pineapple has a high concentration of vitamin C that protects the body from cardiovascular problems and increases the production of collagen.

4. Keeps you Young

The manganese that contains the pineapple, protects the cells of the body from the oxidation, thus the skin, the hair, and the nails are better maintained and in general, you keep younger.

5. Improves Vision and Bone system

Vitamin A, betacarotene, calcium and magnesium abound in the pineapple. This helps conserve sight. With two slices a day of pineapple, you also strengthen your bones.

Pineapple you can eat it in pieces, prepare juice or include it in your stews to get the most benefit every day, how do you fancy it?

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