10 Health Benefits of Full Body Balinese Massage


Getting massageTraditional Indonesian massage refers to Bali, which is a popular holiday destination for many travelers from all over the world. This massage became popular at the beginning of the 20th century, when people came to the island, calling the “paradise island”. Moreover, Balinese massage brings a lot of use of the human body and is an excellent alternative healing therapy.

Calms muscle pain

Balinese massage stretches the muscles. Thanks to the strength of the therapist, you will do stretching in the supine position. Besides, this massage can relieve pain throughout the body, including the joints. The joints will, in fact, be freer.

Helps fight against sleep problems

Many believe that Balinese massage can improve the quality of sleep. Good blood circulation provides the body with a relaxing effect, especially on the brain and thoughts, which are the center of sleep problems. When the brain is saturated with oxygen, you sleep better.

Improves blood circulation

One of the beneficial properties of Balinese massage is the improvement of blood circulation. This impact is due to pressure. Blood flows throughout the body, improving the functionality of the organs. The increase of blood circulation leads to improvement of the whole body.

Promotes skin health

The skin is that part of the body that you need to monitor, because it affects confidence, especially in women. A Balinese massage uses various oils that promote skin health. The oil will moisturize the skin and prevent dryness.

Relieves stress

Almost all types of massage relieve stress. Balinese massage also tends to reduce stress. Of course, this is also related to how massage improves blood circulation.

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Strengthens the immune system

With Balinese massage, you can strengthen the immune system. A combination of pressure and oils will help fight diseases.

Helps in the treatment of headaches and migraines

A headache and migraine are associated with blood circulation in the brain. When oxygen increases in the blood, it affects the functionality of the brain, which leads to the treatment of headaches and migraines. Therefore, sometimes a better way than taking any medication.

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Gives Energy

Balinese massage can strengthen not only the immune system but can also increase energy levels. Since the body relaxes, you will feel a surge of energy to do something.

Increases concentration

Since Balinese massage can treat diseases of a mental nature, this message can increase the concentration. Nevertheless, the best thing to eat healthy food is to improve the functionality of the brain, so that the brain receives nutrients.

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Helps in the treatment of colds and flu

Another benefit of Balinese massage for health is the treatment of colds and flu. Since during the massage, oils are used, and the oil, in turn, contains such substances that soothe the symptoms of cold and flu. Oil also imparts heat, as oil will be rubbed during the massage.

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