Health Benefits of Clay For Skin & Hair


clay-soilFor a long time already we have known all the healing components related to the use of clay, which makes the body stronger, stronger and healthier. This is because the human body is composed of elements that are present in abundance in the clay , such as zinc, sodium, chlorine, sulfur, iron, calcium, cobalt, magnesium, among others.

Given the importance of all these elements, clay comes to nourish and serve as a complement to the health of teeth, metabolism, and bones, through the intervention of these essential minerals.

Mineral Salts and Clay

Although the mineral salts are easily found in food, the body, in the adult phase, tends to make exchanges of mineral salts with the external environment, in quantity equal to that consumed in food. Thus, there is a deficit of these nutrients. Therefore, clay has been applied to help with human health problems and also to rejuvenate skin and hair.

The Power of Clay

The clay is a substance that has great power re generator, absorbent, and healing, so it can present excellent results in combating various types of inflammation, such as in the area of the stomach, kidneys, and liver. Resists thyroid diseases, fungi, sores, ulcers, among others. Clay may be applied at the site of infection or illness, for a more localized and immediate therapeutic action.

How to use Clay on Skin

To use it is very simple: just mix it with a little water, so as to form a creamy dough or , and then just apply it over the concerned skin region, letting it act for at least, 2 hours.

It must then be removed entirely, leaving no residue left. If the clay mixture is left over, it should be discarded without any reuse.

The clay should be applied at least three times a week.

Scientific news on clay

According to recent research, clay originating in Brazil has been recognized as a substance that can be used by the pharmaceutical industry and cosmetics, and may even replace some dyes and preservatives, resulting in products that are ecologically correct.

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