Healthy Habits That Will Transform Your Hair


Discover how you can pamper your mane to keep it healthy, shiny and strong all year long. You’ll look like a supermodel!women with healthy hair

Here we reveal the habits that you need to apply from today on your mane. Believe us, once you apply them, you will notice a big difference in your hair.

Change the shape of the Brush

Who does not apply force when brushing hair? This is one of the worst habits that women have because they break the tips and cause the hair to lose many nutrients in a short time.

The best option is to start the unraveling from the shower and after applying the conditioner. It should be brushed with the fingers delicately so that it will remain flawless.

Do you still feel entangled? When you leave the bathroom, hold a thick tuft of hair, pass a toothbrush with open teeth from media to tips and remember: everything smoothly.

What women do when they bathe changes the appearance of their hair during the day.

Care When Drying

Do not wrap the towel against your hair, otherwise, the only thing that will provoke is to break the cuticle. The best way to have a perfect drying is to tighten the towel by sections around your hair.

Use Pre-Conditioner

Before bathing, apply a capillary serum or preconditioner in your hair. This makes brushing and the absorption of shampoo nutrients easier. You will also increase the lightness and strength of your hair!

Provide Nutrients

A healthy mane is made up of 90% protein and keratin. These elements are responsible for giving the inner and outer part of the hair strength, structure, and elasticity. However, these proteins are lost daily due to external factors and bad habits.

For this reason, you must find a product that can return to your hair the nutrients it loses in the day today.

They also create a protective barrier that leaves your hair soft and supple, ready for you to style it your way!

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