9 Herbs To Calm Your Nerves And Mind


The relaxing properties of some plants can help treat emotional disturbances such as nerves and anxiety. Do these problems plague you? Discover the most effective ones.

To calm the nerves and anxiety in moments of crisis, it is not strictly necessary to consume anxiolytics and conventional painkillers. In fact, this variety of medications should only be taken when recommended by a healthcare professional.

Therefore, it is necessary to know other alternative methods to deal with these uncontrols. While it is useful to meditate and remain in a calm environment, it is also advisable to take natural remedies based on some herbs.

On the other hand, something that is more than proven is that the practice of physical exercise helps to calm anxiety, especially if it is done outdoors. Therefore, below we propose a simple exercise that you can do in your home garden, in the park or in your own living room if you have no choice.

Plants to calm nerves and anxiety

Staying in a state of nervousness and anxiety can have several negative consequences throughout the body. Although at first it only affects emotional health , its lack of control can trigger physical symptoms that reduce the quality of life.

Due to this, it is advisable to take relaxing remedies for any manifestation of these problems. This time we want to share some herbal options so that you do not hesitate to take them into account when you perceive any of its symptoms.

1. Passionflower

To calm nerves and anxiety, nothing better than passionflower. This plant has a direct effect on the central nervous system and, in turn, stimulates relaxation of the muscles. Among other things, it is a great ally against insomnia and headaches.

Consumption mode:

  • It can be taken naturally as an infusion, or by acquiring passionflower tincture . This last option is diluted in warm water, infusions or orange juice.

2. Ginseng


Ginseng is one of the most popular plants in traditional Chinese medicine. Its calming properties have been used since ancient times as allies for various emotional disorders. In fact, it is still valid as one of the best supplements against stress and anxiety.

Consumption mode:

  • The root can be prepared as an infusion. However, the consumption of its natural extract is also recommended, either in warm water or natural juices.

3. Lemongrass


Although many people consume this plant for its digestive properties , it is good to know that its components contribute to calming problems associated with stress, nerves and anxiety. It can even be used to treat sleep disorders.

Consumption mode:

  • Its fresh leaves can be used to flavor dishes or garnish lemonades and juices. The dried leaves are prepared in infusion. If you want, you can combine it with valerian, chamomile or mint.

4. San Juan Plant

Also known as St. John’s wort, it contains nutrients such as flavonoids that help fight oxidative stress. However, its most important active ingredient is hypericin , which helps to improve mood by calming nerves and anxiety.

Consumption mode:

  • Its essential oil can be combined with almond oil for a relaxing massage. Now, you can also buy its leaves to prepare a tea (take a maximum of 3 cups a day).

5. Valerian


Without a doubt, valerian is one of the best-known plants for calming nerves and anxiety. S us tranquilizing effects improve mood and help you sleep. In turn, it is recommended for menstrual pain and headaches.

Consumption mode:

  • Prepare a cup of infusion using a teaspoon of dried valerian root. Avoid consuming it in the morning because it can cause drowsiness.

6. Basil

tulsi worship
Tusli/ Holy Basil Worship in India

Most people know basil from its uses in gastronomy. What few know is that it is a great ally to balance the nervous system . Its essential oils act as relaxants in the body and fight stress, anxiety and nerves.

Consumption mode:

  • I consume 2 or 3 cups of basil infusion a day. Of course, optionally, add it to your favorite dishes.

7. Basswood


Linden is another herb recommended to calm nerves and anxiety. Its active principles have a calming effect on the nervous system and the brain, reducing the alterations that affect emotional health.

Consumption mode:

  • Prepare an infusion with linden flowers and consume it up to 2 times a day. Be aware that it can cause drowsiness, so it should be avoided before driving or doing any important activity.

8. Hawthorn

Hawthorn stands out in natural medicine for its ability to improve the health of the cardiovascular system. It acts as a blood pressure reducer (hypotensive) and stimulates circulation . Similarly, it has mild sedative effects that calm nervous disorders.

Consumption mode:

  • It can be prepared as an infusion from the dried plant. It is also available in a natural extract that is diluted in water, herbal teas and juices.

9. Melissa

Melissa or lemon balm is a plant rich in pollen and antioxidant compounds that benefit the body. In this case, we highlight its relaxing effect, which is used in the treatment of insomnia and anxiety.

Consumption mode:

  • Its leaves can be prepared in infusion. If necessary, it is taken 2 times a day.

Can’t calm your nerves and anxiety? Choose any of the mentioned plants and take advantage of their properties.

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