Home Remedies For Pancreas Inflammation


Medicine allows for treatment without resorting to hospitalization. Given the type and stage of the disease, the doctor will suggest treatment at home or in a medical institution, with medications or traditional medicine methods.pancreas-human-body
Symptoms of pain should push the person to conduct prevention feed in order to avoid worsening symptoms. Having decided to treat the ailment with folk remedies, it is worth discussing contraindications and doses of herbs, medicinal prescriptions with a doctor.

Causes of inflammation

The disease affects the organ, if a person often and in large quantities consumes alcohol. The formation of gallstones contributes to the development of the inflammatory process.

Injuries to the body where the pancreas is located can lead to pain and inflammation of the organ. If the organ hurts, an infection could cause pain.

Self-treatment of various ailments can have serious consequences. Uncontrolled medication, the wrong dosage, not following the instructions for use lead to malfunction of the pancreas.

Among the drugs that contribute to the emergence of diseases of the pancreas, produce drugs for hypertension, antibiotics, steroid drugs. The cause may be an increased amount of triglycerides in the blood.


Diseases of the pancreas can affect the digestive activity of the body or the functioning of the endocrine system. Pancreatic diseases affect the body with organ inflammation, acute or chronic pancreatitis, cancers (organ swelling), diabetes mellitus, polyp growth, cyst development. The formation of polyps in the pancreatic duct occurs without symptoms of pain, polyps are difficult to detect.

Symptoms will depend on the type of disease. The main symptom of the disease manifests itself when it hurts badly under the left side. Pain may extend to the lumbar region.

Among the symptoms, the patient may note increased heart rate, nausea or vomiting. Pancreatic disease can lead to increased sweating. The appearance of the icteric shade of proteins in the eyes can be a symptom of a problem with the gland.

Home remedies for the treatment of pancreas

For most diseases, the treatment is carried out with the help of drugs using painkillers. It is desirable to treat many diseases in the conditions of medical institutions.

Chronic pancreatitis can be treated at home. To cure the disease, it is not necessary to use only medical drugs, folk remedies can solve the problem of organ inflammation.

Treat the disease will have a complex. Be sure to follow the rules of proper nutrition.

The pancreas, whose folk remedies are treated regularly by those who have experienced the disease more than once, is very sore with a long neglect of symptoms at the early stage of inflammation.


  • In the process of exacerbation of the organ disease, it is useful to chew propolis.
    Useful decoctions of 15 drops of an aqueous solution of propolis and chamomile in the treatment of diseases of the body.

Another healing folk remedy is represented by the recipe:

  1. Garlic 300 g;
  2. parsley 300 g;
  3. Lemon 1 kg;
  4. Chop the ingredients in a meat grinder, store in a glass container in the cold;
  5.  Eat a teaspoon a quarter of an hour before meals.

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Other methods:

  • Hercules, boiled in water without salt, can be eaten little by little during the day in the home and outside, taking with you
  • At home, you can mix a tablespoon of chopped buckwheat and kefir, place overnight in the refrigerator. Folk remedy is suitable as a breakfast.

Treatment of inflammation of the body during the period of inflammation is carried out by teas .

  • The tea recipe is used in the conditions of personal portability of the components. Among the ingredients of tea may be St. John’s wort, chamomile, immortelle, birch buds.

It is possible to treat the disease with a compress of yogurt , which you need to soak the fabric in, put it on the stomach on the left in the stomach area , wrap it in cellophane, tie it with a woolly thing. At home, a compress is applied overnight.

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Recipes of folk remedies for the treatment of pancreatitis, inflammation of the pancreas in the exacerbation process are based on herbs and natural raw materials. Prepare the drug easily at home.

The recipe of a famous folk remedy on herbs contains in the same volume:

  1. Hopper;
  2. Motherwort;
  3. peppermint;
  4. 0.5 liters of boiling water.

To get a ready-made folk remedy, herbs need to insist half an hour. Drink half a glass for half an hour before meals.

Treatment of the pancreas with folk remedies that have been tested on themselves, allows you to quickly reduce inflammation during the recurrence of the disease.

To treat ailment, you can use another recipe for herbal remedies with herbs:

  • 30 grams of valerian root;
  • 20 g of root devyasila;
  • 10 g of violet flowers;
  • 10 g of dill seeds
  • tablespoon of dry mix pour a glass of boiling water.

Cook natural  remedy from herbs for half an hour in a water bath, insist 15 minutes after cooking.

  • Herbal collection of mint (2 parts), immortelle flowers (1), marsh calamus root (1), valerian root (1) in a tablespoonful amount 300 ml of boiling water are poured, infused, taken an hour after eating 150 ml.
  • At home, you can prepare a herbal collection , represented by the root of Althea (5g), goose palm (4g), calendula flowers (4g). Boil a tablespoon of the mixture in 150 ml of water for about 5 minutes. Leaving for an hour, divide the portion into 3 parts, drink in three doses.

Folk remedies included in the treatment of the disease, contain recipes tinctures.

  1. Alcoholic propolis tincture is prepared at home ( 50 g of propolis is used per 100 g of alcohol). In a half glass of milk 15 drops of tincture are stirred.
  2. There are recipes for propolis tincture on water . In 90 ml of boiled and cooled to 60 degrees distilled water, add 10 g of crushed propolis, leave for a day in a thermos.
  3. To treat inflammation of the pancreas will help tincture of pink Rhodiola , which is taken by 20 drops in 30 minutes before eating.

At home, preparing an infusion of wormwood:

  • A couple of tablespoons of wormwood, pour half a liter of boiling water, leave in a thermos for about an hour. Folk remedy helps to treat the disease gradually, but effectively.

Alfalfa preparation:

  • Folk remedy of two teaspoons of seed alfalfa, 300 ml of boiling water, infused for 30 minutes, taken in small sips throughout the day. At home, the remedy is salvation from illness.


  • A recipe from a tablespoon of plantain and a glass of boiling water, infused tea, effectively heals the illness at home.

Dandelion Root :

  • Treatment of inflammation of the body is carried out using folk remedies prepared according to the recipe from dandelions:
  1. dandelion root 50 g;
  2. boiling water 300 ml;
  3. leave for 2 hours;
  4. use three times a day 100 ml before meals.

Flax seeds

Flax seed envelops the digestive organs, which helps reduce the symptoms of pain, burning. If an organ hurts, folk remedies based on flax seed are effective medicinal methods to cure the disease.

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