7 Home Remedies For Strengthening Immune System


The immune system has been a concept that has been approached for many different reasons. The immune system is what allows our body to defend itself against viruses and germs; it is protection. The stronger you are, the more capacity you have to resist and defend yourself. It is particularly important in times of colds and flu. Therefore, autumn and winter are seasons where it is extremely sensible and particularly valuable to invest in strengthening the immune system.

It is important to realize that the choices we make in our diet create an impact on our body. It is not just about losing weight or getting fat, but about strengthening or weakening our body, our immune system.

To sleepsleep

It may not be a product, but your body improves if you are given the rest time it needs. Anyone who wants to abuse nights with movies and series without having to sleep, is weakening their immune system.

W. Chris Winter, MD, author of the book The Sleep Solution, reveals: “The functioning of your immune system is closely linked to the quantity and quality of sleep”. You should guarantee your body a minimum rest of seven hours a night. The less you sleep, the more depressed your immune system will become.

Garlicraw garlic

Garlic is a food that generates several benefits, being one of the foods that most strengthens the immune system. It is widely recognized as a good food that helps fight natural infections. The National Center for Integrative and Complementary Health is one of the sources that reveals the importance of garlic.

Cardiologist Dr. Matthew Budoff is one of the researchers who investigated the health benefits of aged garlic extract and found that garlic can lower blood pressure and slow hardening of the arteries.

Ginger tea with lemonginger-lemon-tea

This tea proves to be an important immune booster, providing a calming and effective effect. This remedy can be prepared in minutes. Ginger’s antimicrobial properties and high levels of antioxidants are coupled with the equally powerful antibacterial properties of lemons that add to the richness in vitamin C. Read 12 benefits of Ginger Tea.


The immune system can be strengthened with vitamins, namely Vitamin-C and Vitamin-D. This recommendation was given by the experts at the Chopra Center. Experts advise you to take supplements or choose what you put in your mouth.

By taking vitamin D, we help our body to be strengthened to eliminate bacteria and viruses. Nothing better than Sunlight to get the dose of Vitamin-D and its freely available.


Another sensible option is to take zinc supplements. Sue Van Rues, functional nutritionist at Chopra Center, argues that this mineral is essential for immune function. Zinc is present in foods such as pumpkin seeds, cashew nuts, oysters, oats and chickpeas.


The Cleveland Clinic has its experts recommending that you protect your gut with probiotics. They are healthier bacteria that allow you to create more defenses in the intestine.

According to their research, probiotic bacteria help to strengthen the cells of the immune system, so people who have them in greater numbers get sick less often. Eating yogurt for breakfast and fermented foods or pickles for main meals are ways to strengthen your immune system.

Sensible snacksdiet

As we talked about earlier, a yogurt can be a good option for your snack. It is important to choose well what is put in the mouth, as it may represent a weakening of our immune system.

A good option, which strengthens you, are for example vegetables and fruits. Colorful fruits, like berries, keep the immune system strong as they contain powerful antioxidants that neutralize harmful free radicals.

You can also strengthen your immune system by eating foods such as nuts, fruits, vegetables and oats, as these foods contain soluble fiber and contribute to reducing inflammation.


Exercise contributes to healthy stress that increase efficiency of body cells. It also causes absorption of more oxygen to each part of the body thus removing any toxins which can hinder the immune system. Exercise causes faster oxygen supply to the body thus strengthening the defense mechanism of the body.


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