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bad odorUnpleasant smell from the mouth is a problem that every person on the planet has encountered at least once in his life. The cause of this symptom is a great variety, from a morbid state to an incorrect lifestyle. But it is the strong smell from the mouth that causes the self-doubt, the difficulties in communicating with other people and the fears for one’s health.

But what are the causes of bad breath? Is this unpleasant symptom always a sign of dysfunction of vital organs? How to deal with bad breath? Will the means of traditional medicine help to achieve a fresh breath, or can a stubborn smell be smoothed out only with the help of medications? The answers to each of the questions above are in this article. More detailed information on the causes of bad breath is available at the following link:

Causes of Bad Breath

The reasons for a strong smell from the mouth are:

  • Diseases of the endocrine, urogenital and digestive systems;
  • Changes in the microflora of the oral cavity as a result of caries and other pathological processes in the oral cavity;
  • Use of alcohol, narcotic substances, and tobacco smoking;
  • Disregard for personal hygiene;
  • Fixed lifestyle and malnutrition;
  • Sharp transition from the usual dietary system to dietary (especially, in the case of ketodieta) or purgatory fasting;
  • Age hormonal changes in adolescents;
  • Infection with helminths (worms) or other parasites.

How to get rid of bad breath at home?

Drink as much water as possible. Often the leading cause of the appearance of halitosis is dehydration of the body. Especially often this happens in hot weather;

Do not neglect personal hygiene: To prevent bad breath, you should regularly clean not only the teeth but also the tongue and gums. The fact is that on soft tissues of the oral cavity, like on teeth, a bacterial plaque is formed, consisting of the products of the vital activity of microorganisms. If the plaque is not regularly cleaned, it provokes the destruction of enamel, the formation of tartar and carious foci, as well as inflammatory processes in the gums and tonsils.

Avoid Excess of sweet, fatty and meat food harms the teeth and disrupts the acid-base balance in the oral cavity;

Rinse your mouth after every meal: For these purposes, a standard brine solution with the addition of baking soda can be used;

Use a refreshing chewing gum (if there are no appropriate medical contraindications) after eating food or alcohol;

Abstain from smoking and reduce the consumption of black coffee;

Home remedies for Bad odor from the mouth

The safest and universal are the home remedies for bad breath. The following are the recipes for the most effective of them:

1.Cranberry Juice :In addition to the fact that this drink is extremely tasty, it also has an antiseptic effect and freshens breath. In order to prepare a cranberry juice, you need to select 500 grams of whole berries carefully. The resulting raw material is thoroughly washed, wiped through a strainer and wrung out. The juice is drained into a glass container, and the squeeze is put in a saucepan and filled with water, brought to a boil and cooked for 3-4 minutes. Then 2-3 spoons of honey, cranberry juice are added. You can drink Morse 2-3 times a day;

2. Herbal drink:  To prepare the drink you will need in equal proportions a chamomile color, bark of an oak, leaves of a birch, an alder. The resulting collection is brewed as tea – a teaspoon of the mixture into a glass of hot water. The drink is insisted for 10-15 minutes, it is drunk 3-4 times a day;

3. Rinse from wormwood Bitter grass wormwood is a natural antiseptic and qualitatively eliminates bad breath. A tablespoon of herbs is added to ½ liter of water, boiled for 5 minutes. The broth is used to rinse the oral cavity 3-3 times a day;
Water and apples. To get rid of bad breath from the mouth during the day, you need a glass of warm water in the morning, half an hour before breakfast. After half an hour, breakfast 2-3 average apples;

4. Mint Tea: Hardly the most popular and effective traditional way to combat bad breath. Method of preparation: for ½ liter of boiling water you have 2 tablespoons of dried mint leaves. The broth is infused for 10 minutes – and the tea is ready for use. Mint tea is used both in a warm and in a cold form, for convenience it can be carried in a thermos. To completely get rid of bad breath, you can also chew fresh mint leaves.

In the fight against bad breath, fragrant essential oils are often used. The most effective in the treatment of halitosis is tea tree oil. With the methods of applying tea tree concentrate with a smell from the mouth and its pharmacological properties.

Attention! If there is a persistent smell from the mouth (ammonia, putrefaction or the smell of acetone), it is strongly recommended to see a doctor immediately. Diseases, the signs of which can be these unpleasant odors (for example, pyelonephritis or stomach ulcer) are dangerous complications, so proceed to their treatment as soon as possible. Combine the treatment of internal organs dysfunction can be with the fight against bad breath, but in this case, you should consult with your doctor in advance.

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