5 Natural Home Remedies To Stop Hair Loss/ Hair Fall


It won’t be wrong to say that hair plays a significant role in refining our personality; so it is necessary that hair needs to be treated with good care. You can follow these natural home remedies to stop hair fall and keep your hair healthy, smooth and shiny.

Before we know about natural remedies for hair fall, here are some Dos & Don’t to keep in mind:

  • Do you know that skin, hair, blood, etc. needs water to be healthy and to do their work efficiently. So taking sufficient water is the first step in preventing hair loss.
  • Do not comb hair when they are wet as you will loose maximum hair during this process.
  • Do not use the hair dryer because they take out all the moist content of hair and make them brittle thus increasing hair fall.
  • Do not wash hair with too much hot water as this will also make the hair brittle and weak thus resulting in hair fall.

Natural Home Remedies for Hair Fall

1.Henna Mask

Henna is prepared from the plant Lawsonia Inermis. To protect hair from breaking you should give a lot of nourishment to the hair and for this, you should apply henna mixed with water on your hair.


Yogurt is also an excellent way to nourish your hair. For this, you need to put yogurt on your hair for at least 30 minutes before washing your hair. You can also want to add some lemon juice to it. Apply yogurt and let the yogurt dry well. It will also cause shine in your hair and prevent hair loss.


Eggs are great for your hair as they nourish your hair and makes it shiny. An hour before washing hair, you may put the egg in the hair. If you wish, you can also use curd or henna with it and get smooth and silky hair.


It is also important to massage with oil to bring life to hair. You should rub the hair well at least once for half an hour in a week and put oil on the scalp with light hands so that the oil goes to the roots of the hair.

5.Coconut Milk

The pure natural Coconut milk is good for the nourishment of your hair. Coconut milk strengthens hair cells and nourishes the scalp thus helps in stopping hair loss.

5. Neem

Neem is best for keeping your scalp clear from bacteria because it is an antiseptic which stops the growth of viruses and bacteria. Take leaves of fresh Neem and boil them. Boil it till half of it evaporates, and its color turns green. Now cool it and apply on your scalp.

Apart from this, you should take care of your diet. Due to lack of food, your hair may fall apart. Stay away from stress and do not consume junk food smoking, alcohol, etc. Along with that, take the natural form of vitamins in abundance.

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