How to Connect With Your Partner On a Deeper Level


Typical that you are in a relationship and you begin to see that your friends are moving away, that you stopped doing things that once excited you and that you waited for days to perform them and the worst is that you realize that you do it to please another person, your partner. So the question arise how to connect with your partner on a deeper level.relationship hands in hand

Your friends look at you with suspicion because you are no longer you, and that is when the painful but punctual phrases of; “We lost you”, “you’re not the same”, “you changed for him” . It is not the end of the world, you can make your tastes and those of your partner agree and create the perfect relationship or a more bearable relationship.

When we are in a relationship, we have in mind that everyone renounces something, whether it be an activity, a habit, etc., but that does not mean that you leave the person as good vibes you were before in the past.

So take note of what you should do:

  • Balance.

It is important that in your relationship there is a balance between giving and receiving. In addition to reciprocal feelings, it is important that both of them be calm and composed about their times and activities.

  • Share.

Share moments together that both fill you with pleasure, there are endless activities that the two would like to perform for one thing or another.

  • Decisions

I make your decisions depending on your tastes, do not let yourself be manipulated and if at some point you do not agree with something, tell them.

  • Respect.

Respect the likes of your partner, whatever they may be, whether playing Pokémon or practicing Arab dance.

  • Space.

This is a very important point dense your space to perform the activities that you like, but he or she does not. Seek to be surprised and when you come back to see the emotions will be more and better.

  • Organization.

Make plans stipulating each of the activities they will do together, going out with friends in common or only with friends of him and friends of her. Tastes can be shared, as well as sharing leisure time in a balanced way.

  • Accept your partner as is.

If he does not love you as you are, it’s not love, it’s that easy.

  • Expression.

An effective communication is what will make the relationship go haircuts, explain what you want and how you want it, so he will also give you his way of seeing things and will tell you to reach a common agreement.

And finally, Never but never stop doing the things you love.

The originality and authenticity of your person and your partner will make them enjoy their relationship 100% and only in that case your friends will envy you, but for the great quality of relationship you have. 

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