How To Develop Reading Habits in Children


Reading is an excellent resource for learning, hence instilling interest in reading in children since childhood, is a very good way to contribute to their growth. Here we point out 10 steps that will help you teach your children how to read, so they can learn while playing.kid-reading

Instilling interest in reading in children from the first years of life is very important. They can be promoted an interest that will last them throughout their lives.

Reading is a window open to new worlds, to new perspectives, therefore to an intellectual maturity.

Tips to awaken interest in reading

1.Begin to read the baby aloud from a very young age , even if he does not know how to speak does not mean he does not like a good story. When the child learns to read, they should continue reading stories, perhaps books that they can not read alone.

2.Make reading as part of the family routine. Before bedtime stories, newspapers in the morning and visiting the library weekly are indispensable.

3.Make see that reading is a very useful tool. A good reading practice is to read the instructions of the toys, the recipes or the shopping list. It is a pity that children think that reading is a boring school activity that does not benefit them on a day-to-day basis.

4.A reader forms another reader. Children must be treated as apprentice readers who follow a teacher. When the children see us reading they will follow us, we will be their models.

5.Read for the pleasure of reading. Find a good book and forget about the rest. If you’re not having fun with the story, they probably will not either. Do not deal seriously with moral histories (leave aside phonetic work books as well) and look for stories that tell day-to-day stories.

6 .Ration television as the junk food is rationed. Cola, potatoes and television comedies are great for a Friday, but why spoil their taste for the really good things in life with a diet empty of calories and silly content?

7.Fill your home with books and magazines for the whole family. Make reading material part of the home furniture, from the living room to the bathroom.

8.Speak, speak and speak. Talk about what you have read and listen to what your children respond to you. The conversation develops the vocabulary and communication skills while you stay in touch with your child.

9.Play with the words. Sing, make rhymes and riddles with them. Words have to be taken seriously, they are tools of the imagination.

10.Explore the world together . Literacy is not just words and reading. Productive minds need to be exposed to nature (and music, theater and movies). Expanding children’s experiences, you will increase their curiosity and tolerance for new ideas and changes.

I hope you find these interesting tips that I leave here and that you manage to awaken in your children the magical world that my parents managed to awaken in me making reading one of my passions.

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