How To Help Hyperactive Child Succeed in Life


The symptoms of a hyperactive child do not vary from one day to another, this needs to be taken into account in order to prevent the repetition of many attitudes, which we may think should be overcome. Therefore, as adults, we must also have a series of attitudes towards the hyperactive child.kid jumping in pool

We do not have to wonder about their impulsiveness, their ease to disperse or for the breach of orders, with hyperactive children you can not accept pacts, or propose promises because they will not fulfill them. It is not always easy to know what are the best ways to act with children who have this behavior disorder.

Steps to follow:

1. The education of a hyperactive child has to be very directive. It is necessary to favor an education that seeks to create responsibilities after five or six years, looking more at the reality of the child than the chronological age.

2. When they talk a lot, without getting tired and asking more and more questions, we must first think what they want with this attitude, ask if you need or not answer, because not always the questions of a hyperactive child need an answer.

3. If no recommendation has been received from a professional to indicate these attitudes, educating a hyperactive child should avoid punishments for inappropriate behavior material rewards for things well done.

4. It is necessary to discover what activities within the house are more relaxing: drawing, painting, building, puzzles, playing with water, listening to music, dancing, doing gymnastics, watching movies or reports, playing video games, in this way we can keep the child entertained .

5. When it comes to educating and sharing with a hyperactive child, situations that we foresee can be a failure should be avoided, for example, long ceremonies, visits to houses with small spaces, etc.

6. For the end of the day, activities that are relaxing for the child are recommended, in this way it is possible to facilitate going to sleep.

7. Above all, it is about parents controlling their own anguish and not turning it over to the children, improving the relationship with more stable parents. It is favorable that both parents are healthy models to admire and imitate, enhancing the tendency to grow and move forward instead of encouraging the withdrawal and regression of those who live life as a failure.

8. With these attitudes we will reinforce the self-esteem of the hyperactive child, he will have more security and trust in himself, being more responsible.

It is also good to avoid insecurity, perfectionism, continued sermons, repeated failure, lack of authority, overprotection, over-satisfaction, environmental instability, parents’ anguish, complaint, continued punishment etc.

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