How To Accelerate Metabolism To Lose Weight


exerciseSurely it has ever happened to you to see a skinny woman devouring a giant packet of potato chips, and you wondered how she does not get fat.

The possible thing is that she has a very fast metabolism; therefore she burns the fats she consumes before they can adhere to her body.

This will depend a lot on the body, either by gender or even by genetics. In effect, you can reverse (or balance) your metabolism by burning around 500 calories per day, for example, doing any outdoor activity.

This is getting slower over time (making it easier to get fat), but some studies show that this can be reversed without having to do long sessions per day or extreme diets.

The Question is: How to accelerate the metabolism to lose weight?

In the Morning

Eat a decent breakfast every day that is, complete. If you do not, your metabolism will enter a kind of “hunger mode” and begin to slow down.

A study conducted at the University of Cambridge shows that people who eat between 22% and 55% of their daily calories at breakfast increased only half a kilo in four years.
In contrast, people who ate 11% of their daily calories or less, increased from 2 to 3kg.

 Do you see the importance of having breakfast correctly?

Test: Eat a mixture of lean protein with complex carbohydrates and healthy fats. Berardi recommends an omelet made with egg whites, in addition to a handful of peppers and different types of onions cut into slices.

Accompany it with a small bowl of oatmeal topped with a handful of berries and 3 teaspoons of flaxseed (provide O-mega 3)

In the office

If you are a caffeine addict at work, you can be happy. According to a study conducted in the newspaper “Physiology & Behavior” of the United States, the metabolism of people who drank coffee was 16% faster than those who did not.

“Caffeine stimulates your central nervous system, increasing your heart rate and breathing”

Test: Followed by your morning coffee cup, try drinking a glass of ice water. Research from the University of Utah found that just drinking a glass of cold water increases your metabolism by up to 30% and stays that way for at least 10 minutes.

The theory is based on your body burning more calories to maintain the temperature. It is recommended that you drink at least 8 glasses of water per day.

In the gym

Put aside the treadmill for a moment, and try the “Tabata Method.” This type of exercise is based on fast and strong intervals – 20 seconds of harrowing effort and 10 seconds of rest, repeating this a total of 8 times, every 4 minutes.

It is proven that this class of high-intensity exercises are much more effective in accelerating metabolism than low-intensity ones.

Exercises to accelerate the metabolism

Lunges combined with biceps: Grab the dumbbells with your two hands, then step with your right leg forward (in the form of a lunge), while raising the dumbbell towards the height of the shoulder. Then return to your initial position. Repeat this with your other leg.
how to accelerate the metabolism to lose weight

Combat squat with the press: Grab the dumbbells with your hands and put them above your shoulders, then bend your legs down and back up (in the form of a squat). Do not forget when you turn up; you have to lift the weights leaving your arms almost fully stretched.

Lizards or arm strength: Surely you already know this exercise. Support your broad shoulder arms upside down. Keep your legs stretched by supporting nothing but the tips. Keeping that position straight up and down with your arms, without bending your back.

At Lunchtime

To lose weight, a good protein dish is ideal. Large regular portions will help you build and maintain muscle mass, and we all know that the muscle burns much more calories than fat. Try to ingest 30g of protein per meal.

Try: Accompany your meals with a cup of green tea. “It’s the closest thing to a potion for metabolism” – says Berardi. In a study conducted, people who consumed between 3 and 5 cups of green tea per day for 12 weeks lost an average of 4.6% of their total weight. Other research shows that taking this amount of tea burns an extra 50 calories per day.

Anger against age

With each passing decade, your metabolism slows down by about 5%. Hormones are partly to blame, but it is also the low logic of physical activity.

This results in the loss of muscle mass (great calorie consumer). So when you get to 35, you burn 75 fewer calories a day than you did at 25.

The 20s: Your muscle and bone mass is booming just like your metabolism. Enjoy it while you can!

The 30s: The mitochondria begin to be less effective in the process of converting food, into energy for the muscles.

The 40s: The descent continues as the decreases in estrogen levels in your body, further enhancing your metabolism and making you more prone to generate abdominal fat.

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