How To Clean The Lungs After Quitting Smoking Naturally


quit smokingIf you decide to quit, we congratulate you on the right decision! After the cessation of smoking, the process of purification from toxins will begin. It will not happen instantly, take time, do not despair.

We will tell you how to clear the lungs of the effects of smoking, and you just do it step by step.

How to clean lungs after smoking

1. Clean Air Environment

The bottom line is to avoid the inhalation of tobacco smoke. First of all, it is necessary to maintain the circulation of clean air. Try to stay away from the smoke. Think about how always to have clean air at home, if you can get an air purifier. So you avoid getting allergens into the body. If there is no allergy to pollen, open the windows more often. Sleep when the window is open is very useful. This will ensure the access of fresh air to the lungs and the brain. It is better to get rid of dust collectors – carpets, soft toys.

Use non-toxic household products. Particularly harmful means containing ammonia. It irritates the respiratory tract and causes shortness of breath and cough. Instead, switch to non-toxic funds.

2. Power

The reason you cough is slime accumulated in your lungs. Therefore, you should avoid food that causes the formation of mucus – dairy products, frozen convenience foods, fast foods. Eat more fruits, vegetables, and root vegetables. Add cinnamon, curry, ginger, almonds to the meal. Eat foods rich in antioxidants.

Be sure to eat foods rich in chlorophyll to increase the flow of oxygen into the body. This is parsley, broccoli, sprouted seeds, celery, Brussels sprouts, garlic, spinach. Or, take spirulina in the pharmacy.

3. Physical Activity

Getting in good physical shape is very important for providing the body with oxygen. This will also help to cope with the psychological dependence and craving for cigarettes. Sports activities help release endorphin – the pleasure hormone. Instead of the alleged pleasure of dragging on a cigarette, you will get real pleasure from playing sports. It will be better if the classes take place outdoors, to enrich the lungs with enough oxygen.

Do yoga. You will learn to breathe a diaphragm. This helps to increase the volume of the lungs and strengthen the abdominal muscles involved in breathing. The direct position of the body provides optimal space for the lungs and the muscles involved in a breath. Good hiking in the bath, if you do not have contraindications.

4. Home Detox

At home, you can perfectly clean the lungs of toxins in three days. Two days before cleansing, exclude from the food products that produce mucus, especially dairy. Let the body first get rid of mucus. Then, in the evening, drink herbal tea. In the morning, drink a juice of two lemons, diluted in 300 grams of warm water. Between breakfast and lunch, drink fresh carrot juice. For lunch, eat foods rich in potassium. These are legumes, potatoes, meat (cooked in a dietary way), tomatoes, garlic, dried fruits.

Before going to bed, it is ideal to drink fresh pomegranate juice or blueberry, cranberry juice. Take a warm bath for 20 minutes to remove toxins. Visiting the bath is welcome. And do inhalations with eucalyptus oil – 15-20 drops of oil on a hot water pan. Be careful while inhaling.

5. Relaxation

Many people experience stress after quitting. Relax. You begin a difficult journey, be kind to yourself. Many people turn to meditation to cope with stress and cravings caused by getting rid of nicotine addiction. In the short term, meditation will help you calm down. In the long term, you can work to develop awareness, kindness to yourself and awareness of your actions.

Do a course of massage. Massages increase lymph circulation and help your immune system fight the toxins in your body. Be sure to find a replacement for smoking. Choose a new hobby. This will help you get away from the thoughts about smoking.

Write down the reasons why you finally decided to quit smoking. Prepare a note and keep it in your pocket, on your desk or where it is most convenient for you. Every time you have a desire to smoke, read the note and think about the improvements in your life after you quit smoking. Every day celebrate your success, it will stimulate you to further fight against smoking. And you will succeed. Be healthy.

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