How To Get Over A Betrayal in Relationship


woman sitting alone on floor outdoorsYou thought everything was going well, that the relationship was going through some problems but nothing out of the ordinary. Until one day you find out you were betrayed. Every dating, marriage, stable union, whatever, pass before your eyes and a smoking sadness takes hold of your whole body. At that moment, all the quarrels and disagreements go through your mind: what have I done wrong? What happened? How to forget a betrayal?

Well, we all know that this situation is delicate, and deserves as much calm as possible. Is it possible to overcome the situation?

After all, how to forget a betrayal?

First Step: Listen

I know that at those times it is difficult to do this, but the first step in trying to overcome the problem is to listen. Sit face to face with the person and ask what happened, how and why. Try not to judge, for now, I know it’s difficult. It turns out that, for something of that level to have happened, the relationship was going through some problems.

I am adept at respecting my partner: if it’s not cool, break up with me and stay with the other person. But there are couples who still love each other and experience the difficulties that result. If you still do not think about ending everything, try to see, in his speech, what may have gone wrong. Sometimes, when we do not speak what we feel, everything accumulates and turns into a snowball. Having the opportunity to listen to each other and put the cards on the table, the likelihood of something being solved may be great. Just want, first of all.

Step Two: Reflect

After the whole conversation had happened, their time came alone. Now it’s time to think whether it’s worth continuing, and why. Reflect on the situation, ponder all the facts and keep the focus on you. Decide what you want going forward. If it is not yet the time to end it all, know that you have the right to want it.

You will not have less self-love if you decide to forgive and try to keep going. But remember: to come to this decision, you need to know exactly where you are getting into. If the person has never given you confidence, maybe you should leave it there. Now, if the relationship has always been nice and, out of nowhere, such a thing happens, a second chance can happen without problems. Be sure of what you want for yourself, and what you feel for the other person. Really take into consideration several ways on how to truly forget a betrayal.

Step Three: Learn to Forgive

One challenging thing to do is never to distrust your partner again. After all, he gave you a good reason for that. But if you decide to continue with the relationship, however, always distrusting and not giving the space that each person deserves to have, I am sorry to say that this phase has an expiration date. One must assume that if you have decided to forgive, you have to actually forgive, and head into the relationship again.

I know many couples who have managed to do this and today are even happier than before. When you are sincere and there is respect, you can not go wrong. Make it clear that you were sad, that it will not be easy for you to get back to normal after all this, but that you will really try. And try. I will never say that thinking about how to forget a betrayal will be easy, but if fighting for the well-being of the couple was your option, it’s time to follow it religiously.

Lastly, be transparent, and ask for it to be too!

The key to a good relationship is sincerity . Tell everything you feel, what bothers you and what is not so acceptable to you. Never let bad things become giant snowballs where you do not even know the real source of the fight. This new style can yield long fights and several truths that neither would like to hear.

However, this is the only way to know how the relationship walks, what the other can do to change, and what the two can work together. In addition, it also serves to end it all at once. There are things that we just are not ready or willing to change and if that is the cause of all the other problems, maybe we should think about separating and moving on.

And what are the signs of betrayal?

Whatever the reasons, there are rather hints that show that betrayal may be happening. So, besides knowing how to forget a betrayal , we will also punctuate the most common signs of betrayal , which may go unnoticed:

1. Many commitments

Suddenly change schedules, with more meetings, shifts, courses or trips. The football game that was once a week happens to be several times, the friends always call for help, which makes the person run off to “help”. Commitments that do not normally occur are common. It is possible that these appointments are schedules of meetings with their “cases”.

2. Frequent Departures

To go there quickly and take it back. Perfect period to be able to make the connections, to answer the messages and to be able to be pounding a little without raising suspicions.

3. Excess of vanity

To be too vain, at any rate, to want to be well-groomed always, preoccupied with details that had not happened before, can be a sign that wants to please. Unfortunately, it may not be to please the current partner.

4. No desire to go out for dinner

That chatter that is sick to the stomach or not hungry is the perfect excuse not to say that you’ve had dinner, probably with someone else.

5. Be very careful with the cell phone

Staying all the time seeing if there are messages and / or not answering calls in front of you is another sign that is hiding contacts you do not want to let you know.

6. Disinterest

He does not have the same interest in you as before, you talk less and leave less, too. People who betray seek novelty and different stimuli, it is as if “the other” is always available, interesting and joyful.

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