How To Get Rid Of Panic & Anxiety Attacks Naturally


headache migrainePanic – many people have experienced, at least once in their lives, a panic attack , the horrible moment when for a few seconds, one has the feeling of dying . The symptoms can be different and several: tremor, asphyxia, tachycardia, fear of going crazy or fainting, hot sweat, chills and others .

It can be a sporadic event or happening with some frequency , especially in periods in which we are especially stressed , repressing our deepest emotions or just the feeling weak and insecure . The experience often happens unexpectedly and people do not understand what is happening and do not know what to do. If they go to an emergency room or call a doctor, it usually detects that there is no clinical symptom of disease, but “only” a nervous breakdown for which sedatives and anxiolytics can be given .

When these symptoms occur, you should always ask yourself why they occur, and if you want to avoid the re-emergence of the syndrome, you should dig deeper into the cause of the problem. One method that has proven to be definitely good is to take a course with psychotherapy , avoiding, if possible, medications and perhaps making use of only a few natural remedies .

Here are natural ways to get rid of panic attacks:

Cognitive behavioral therapy

If the phenomenon of panic and anxiety syndrome is recurrent, it is good to ask the help of a specialist . In recent years, we have seen that good results can be obtained for this type of problem with cognitive-behavioral therapy , usually of short duration and weekly basis . During the sessions, the therapist guides the patient along a path that will allow them to break through the thinking mechanisms and vicious circles that underlie the problem .

Yoga and Breathing Techniques

Sometimes, to dispel our fears, it may be enough to reach inside ourselves and breathe deeply, for a few minutes, connecting us with the strength that each one has within us. To learn how to do this, you can learn breathing techniques or take yoga classes . These disciplines, if practiced regularly, help the nervous system to stay relaxed and strong, which makes it easier to deal with all the challenges of life and using right amount of energy for these, and without fear 🙂


Not everyone knows, that sometimes panic attacks can be caused by a deficiency of magnesium , a mineral essential for the proper balance of the nervous system. Often, especially if you do not follow a balanced and healthy diet, we do not get just about all the magnesium we need, especially if we are experiencing a period of great anxiety and stress. Here, then, it might be helpful to take a magnesium supplement to deal with this situation and prevent the onset of panic attacks . Generally, if anxiety is also fueled by magnesium deficiency, 2 or 3 weeks are sufficient to see a significant improvement to the problem.

Bach flower

Many people find Bach Flower therapy effective for the treatment of anxiety and panic attacks . Especially the famous Rescue Remedy , a blend of various flowers, made by Dr. Bach just to be used in case of emergencies, including those in which one suddenly loses control of oneself. This, however, is not a remedy meant to be used for long periods, but only for sporadic episodes of anxiety and panic attacks. Other Bach Florals that can be taken into account in these cases are Rock Rose , suitable for situations in which terror takes over ; Aspen , for those who are ” afraid of fear”and in general for all cases of fear of something undefined, or Cherry Plum if there is fear of losing reason and self-control.

Phytotherapeutic Products

Both in pharmacies and in natural products stores, there are various herbal and herbal products with calming and relaxing properties . These can be taken preventively during times when you are going through periods of anxiety or strong stress and in particular especially with herbal drops which can be used when needed and therefore should always be taken with you in the bag, for when one sees that a panic attack is coming (for example, in the bus, in the cinema, usually in very crowded places). The preparations usually contain passion fruit, lemon balm, valerian, chamomile, lemon, hawthorn, etc. … Consult a herbalist to find the most practical solution for you.

Essential oils of lavender or chamomile

At the time of the panic attack, but also preventively, lavender or chamomile essential oils may be used because they have a calming effect . The oils are used by pouring a few drops into a tissue and breathing deeply. If you are at home and feel restless and in the process of having a tachycardia, pour 5-6 drops of one of these essential oils into a diffuser (rechaud) by sitting or lying down and breathing deeply.

Other tips

Avoid coffee, black tea and energy drinks that contain caffeine , chocolate should also be limited, especially if dark, because it stimulates the nervous system. Privilegie a diet based on fruits, vegetables, legumes and whole grains to make sure that the body is properly mineralized.

We end by saying that if you are suffering from panic attacks, know that it is possible to leave this situation, although it may take more or less time and seem impossible. You just have to find the right one!

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