How To get Rid of Warts On Face, Hands Naturally


It happens to many people. Suddenly, at a particular moment, they appear. When hidden, they usually do not even receive much attention. However, when warts/ skin tag appear on the face, for example, it ‘s hard not to bother with them: warts.wart skin tag on hand

Caused by a virus, it appears anywhere on the body and can hurt and itch. It’s worth keeping an eye on what to do when she shows up. But first, know what exactly is the skin wart.


Warts are the result of abnormal growth of the upper layer of the skin and are caused by the HPV virus – Human Papilloma Virus.

In various shapes and sizes, they do not compromise health, but they usually bother aesthetically.

Although harmless, it is important to remove them, since they are sometimes contagious and can spread through the body if left untreated.


Since warts are contagious, it is important to thoroughly clean the site of the wart so as not to risk reinfection.

It is also important to strengthen the immune system since viruses cause warts. There are some ways to eliminate warts, naturally. However, they all require persistence and a good deal of dedication.

How To Get Rid of Warts Naturally


It is usually one of the most efficient natural remedies because of the antiseptic properties of garlic.

To use it, knead a clove of garlic, forming a paste, pass into the wart site and cover with a gauze, before bed.

Let the garlic act overnight and remove it in the morning.

Do this every day until the wart disappears.

2. Banana Peal

The salicylic acid present in the banana peel (on the inside, white) can help in the removal of warts. To do this and squeeze the banana peel in the wart daily, several times, for about two weeks.

If you prefer, stick a piece of banana peel with tape and let it act on the wart.

3. Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is the best medicinal herb for every type of skin disease. Apply the aloe vera gel to the wart area and let it act for a few minutes. Do this every day.

4. Lemon

This method should not be done during the day, as the lemon, in contact with the sun’s rays, stains the skin. Apply three times a gauze soaked in lemon juice and leave for a few minutes. Do this until the wart darkens and falls.

5. Adhesive Tape

Glue a piece of tape on the wart and leave it for six days. After that period, remove the tape, wipe the region and place another piece of tape. Do this until you can remove the wart.

This procedure is usually time-consuming and may take a month or more to take effect.

6. Banana Haze

There is, for example, the belief that passing banana peel over the wart causes it to fall, but, as said before, the banana actually has properties that facilitate the removal of the wart. After applying the banana bark at the wart area several times a day, its bark should be buried in a garden, vase or ant hill.

7. Bacon

The friendliness of bacon is one of the most popular. It consists of passing a piece of bacon on warts and then throwing the piece of bacon into an anthill. As the ants eat the bacon, warts will fall. That’s what the belief says!

8.Calendula Flower

The Calendula flower can help in getting rid of warts . Apply it to the affected portion during the night and wash it in the morning. The method needs to be repeated until warts/ papilloma fully disappear.

9. Holy Water

The believers say that the holy water dripped on the wart for about 10 days, makes it dry. After dropping the holy water over the wart, place a piece of plaster over it. The principle is similar to that of the only adhesive tape that takes a hint of faith.

10. Salt

Salt is one of the elements most used in general remedies and superstitions. Salt can remove warts, when you heat the salt in a spoon and put it in the oldest wart you have in the morning and fasting for 3 consecutive days.

Legend has it that when the older wart falls, the others, if any, will fall afterward.

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